Finding the right clothes for your shape kind of feels like an adventure — so many twists and turns and wishing for a map. You have probably been told throughout your life that outfits will look different on you if you are a pear, apple, or hourglass shape.

However, every woman’s body is made differently, and certain clothes might sit differently on two people who are the exact same shape. So that old adage isn’t quite as true as one might think. 

While it may be frustrating to put labels on your body’s shape, it can be helpful when you are shopping online and can’t try on the clothes in person. Knowing whether you are a pear, apple, or hourglass shape, what size of clothes you tend to wear, and what styles make you feel the most confident will make clicking “add to cart” much easier. 

So, if you think you might consider yourself to fall in the midsize category, we are here to help you narrow down styles and design options that will flatter your body. 

What Is “Midsize”?

Midsize simply refers to the range of clothing sizes that sit between typical straight sizes and plus sizes. Straight sizes are generally considered to be 0 to 8, and plus sizes are conventionally known as 16 and up. That would put the midsize range from 10 to 14. Midsize could also be related to wearing a lot of clothing pieces that are marked as a medium. 

Women who fit comfortably in midsize styles might notice that, unfortunately, stores will often only keep straight sizes on the floor and lump all sizes 10-16+ into the plus size category. Sizing has a lot of nuances and is an integral part of marketing clothes to customers. Naturally, it can be frustrating when clothes beyond a size 8 aren’t appropriately graded


Based on the frustration that many women feel when they are looking for midsized clothing, a recent movement has emerged for the positive representation of midsized women. The body positivity movement has been an extraordinary addition to our society; many midsized women feel left out of the conversation. While straight sizes and plus sizes should be celebrated equally, mid sizes should also be represented. 

Another common frustration among midsized women is not fitting into plus-size clothes while also knowing clothes won’t look the same on them as they do on the mannequin. While the term “midsize” might feel a little outdated, many women are reclaiming the label and turning to social media platforms to show their audiences what midsize fashion can look like while giving tips and tricks for others who fall in the same size range. 

Design Choices

The most important design choices when shopping for clothes are those that make you feel the most confident. You should feel comfortable wearing whatever styles and trends you like the best. With that in mind, there are certain design choices that members of the midsized community have suggested for women looking for ways to accentuate, not hide, their bodies. 

Read on — take what you want and leave what you don’t. Go forth in your style. 


If you struggle with finding clothes that accentuate a certain part of your body, ruching could be for you! The strategic gathering of fabric will highlight and draw eyes to that part of your body. As a midsized woman, clothes can often be too tight or too large. This can make it difficult to feel confident about your best features. 

With ruching, you can ensure that your favorite body parts are the star of the show and your clothes don’t look too tight or too baggy. Additionally, ruching is a great option because it can be featured in any piece of clothing. You can choose a ruched top to accentuate your chest, a ruched waistline for your hourglass figure, ruched pants to show off your hips, etc. Rouching is even a beloved detail in wedding dresses.

Curvy Jeans

We have all been there before: Standing in a dressing room with piles of jeans around you and not a perfect fit in sight. The perfect pair of jeans are notoriously tricky to find, and many jeans have not designed to fit women outside of straight sizing.

Luckily, jeans have become more inclusive in sizing and style, and there are a few key design features to look out for in the midsize range. 

Even if you don’t consider yourself to be an hourglass shape, curvy jeans are more likely to hug your body in the right way. Regular-fit jeans might feel too tight in your thighs or too loose around your waist. Curvy jeans are designed to hug your curves and offer more flexibility than straight-cut jeans. 

Besides looking for curvy jeans, some other design features are favored by women who consider themselves to be midsized. For instance, straight or bootleg jeans are generally more comfortable than skinny or baggy jeans. Additionally, a mid to high-rise waistline will most likely fit your hips better than a low-rise silhouette. 

Wrap Style

Similar to ruching, a wrap-style dress, skirt, or shirt gives you the ability to choose which parts of your body are the main focus. A wrap-style skirt will bring all of the attention to your waist and hips, while a wrap-style shirt will make your chest the star of the show. And the crossed fabric of a wrap-style dress will accentuate your chest, waist, and hips all at once. 

Wrap-style clothing is also a wonderful choice for women between sizes because the crossover fabric can be customized for a personal, perfect fit. Get the size up and pull the fabric a little tighter or go a size down and leave some room to breathe when you tie off your ensemble. 

Fashion-Forward Swimwear for All Bodies

No matter what size of clothing you wear, shopping for swimsuits can be difficult. However, here at Andie Swim, finding something that is flattering, practical, and stylish is a breeze. 

Deep-V One-Piece

For a practical yet stylish option, try out our Mykonos One-Piece. If you have a larger chest, you might be used to having to choose between style and support. No longer! With the Mykonos one-piece, you can show off your chest while still getting bust support. The thick straps that sit on your shoulders will make you feel secure, and the plunging V-neck will add a flirty look to your one-piece. 

The thick waistband effortlessly molds to any shape. Featuring full-bottom coverage, this suit is the perfect choice for those who want to highlight their top half rather than their bottom. 

High-Waisted Cheeky Bottom

Cheeky bottoms have become increasingly popular throughout the last decade, but many of them are not designed with support in mind. You should feel empowered to wear a cheeky bottom, no matter your size, and the Andie Swim High-Waisted Cheeky Bottom has all the qualities you need in a bikini bottom. 

The high rise and full coverage front will make you feel secure and supported, and the cheeky bottom coverage in the back will leave you feeling confident and trendy. Additionally, the high leg cut will make your legs look longer and will flatter your waist and hips. 

The Fiji One-Piece

There is nothing worse than finding the swimsuit of your dreams and trying it on only to realize you are exactly in between two sizes. While some swimsuits come with adjustable straps and chest bands, you might need more flexibility than that to create your perfect fit. 

The Fiji One-Piece has the perfect fit in mind, with customizable back tie straps which can be tied to create your desired fit. The strappy, open-back design is sure to attract compliments whether you’re chasing your kids or enjoying a new summer read by the pool.

This suit features medium bust support, cheeky bottom coverage, and a high leg cut to give you the practical and chic look you have been searching for. 

The Hipster Bottom

If you prefer a lower-coverage bikini bottom but still want to feel secure enough for beach volleyball games and dips in the ocean, the Hipster Bottom is the choice for you. The low-rise waistline will leave your tummy exposed and is balanced with the full bottom coverage in the back. The low-leg cut will hug your hips perfectly and flatter your curves. 

You can choose between four colors and two pattern options that will complement your favorite bikini top. These bottoms come in seven different sizes, designed to fit all types of bodies. 

Know Your Body

At the end of the day, what’s most important to keep in mind while shopping for clothes is picking styles that will make you happy to wear. You can choose whatever silhouette or style you want, no matter what size or shape you are. 

However, some women find it useful to have a few descriptors of their shape and favorite clothing designs to make shopping a little easier. Knowing what clothing designs and pieces make you feel the best and fit your body properly will be essential in assembling the closet of your dreams. 

So, if you consider yourself to be midsized, try to narrow down certain styles and designs that compliment your figure and make you feel confident and comfortable. And if you are looking to revamp your swimwear collection to fit your body better, rely on the swimsuits at Andie Swim.


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