A perfectly fitting swimsuit is absolutely necessary. Swimwear that’s small or too big each come with their own set of risks that are best to be avoided. Unfortunately, we’ve all been there. But avoiding the downfall of an ill-fitting swimsuit shouldn’t be at the center of your decision! You should enjoy shopping for a new swimsuit knowing that you will be comfortable and confident with your choice.

That is why this list has been compiled. These 20 recommendations will reclaim the excitement of swimwear shopping. Each of these selections has been specifically designed and constructed to be flattering and fitting for multiple body shapes. Choose the suit that you want to wear, get it, own it, rock it with confidence, and outshine the sun.

One-Piece Suits

One-piece suits are classy and comfortable for those who want to get a bit more coverage out of their swimwear. Because there is actually more material and surface area to work with, one-piece swimsuits can offer style options and details that you might not find in a two-piece suit.

While they are a popular choice among competitive swimmers and surfers, they’re not at all limited to water sport athletes. One-piece suits can be every bit as alluring two-piece suits; it’s all about selecting one that fits and feels great.

The Nantucket

A one-piece swimsuit that’s a unique twist on a classic and timeless style, just like you are. The Nantucket features an asymmetrical, one-shoulder design that brings an understated glamour into the water. With a simple and effortless style and removable cups, this suit will win the best supporting role.

The Amalfi

If you’re looking for a timeless one-piece with a custom-tailored fit, look no further than our #1 best seller, The Amalfi. This scoop-neck one-piece is an absolute staple when it comes to swimwear.

With three options for bottom coverage, removable cups, and adjustable straps, you can arrange your suit just right from the get-go, so you don’t have to keep fussing with it throughout the day.

The Mykonos

Wade through the water with unmistakable elegance in this flattering one-piece. The plunge design will make you look and feel like you just walked straight out of a magazine and into the water. Choose your fabric, color, length, and bottom cut.

The Tulum

A cross-back design with full support means that you’ll be comfortable all day long. You could theoretically run down the beach, or swim laps in this swimsuit. But it looks just as good standing in line for an ice-cream cone at the pier.

The Malibu

This is probably the most versatile swimsuit you’ll ever own. You can wear it buttoned up for a sporty look, or you can make it sexier with every button you undo. Not only that, but it doubles as a fantastic bodysuit as well. Throw a pair of cutoffs or jeans over this ribbed one piece and you have a whole new set of occasions you can wear it for.

Two Piece Suits

Two-piece suits have their own set of advantages. Mainly, they allow for more sun exposure so you can get your tan on, and they’re easier to navigate than a one-piece when it comes to going to the bathroom. They also allow you to mix and match tops and bottoms as you please. Aside from that, it just comes down to personal preference.

If you’re looking for a two-piece suit that you can feel great about, continue your search here with these elite tops and bottoms:


Maui Top: The Maui Top is our most supportive top. It offers coverage and support in all the right places, and it’s incredibly comfortable. It comes in four essential colors!

Valencia Top: Love the look of a triangle top, but hate the risk of a nip slip? That’s where the Valencia Top comes in to save the day. It’s just as chic as a triangle bikini top, but with way more support.

Ventura Top: Fits like your favorite sports bra, looks like a chic bathing suit top. This is perfect for the woman who loves a sporty look but values comfort and style at the same time.


The Bikini Bottom: A versatile bottom that’s always in style. Mix and match this bottom with any of your favorite tops—it goes with everything. This is the standard, classic, and timeless bikini bottom elevated with a precise fit and quality materials.

The Boy Short Bottom: For a full coverage swim bottom that’s flattering on every shape and size, look no further than The Boy Short Bottom. A waistband design and compressive lining mean you’ll be secure and comfortable from an early morning wave to a late-night beach bonfire.

The 90’s High Waisted Bottom: A vintage, high-rise, cheeky cut that screams 90’s. Turn it back a few decades with this bottom and enjoy the simple pleasure of sitting by the pool. You probably won’t bring a CD player with you, but you can still listen to the songs from this playlist curated from 90’s summer hits.

The Skirt: Another vintage-inspired design, this time taking you back to the 1930’s pinup era. A skirt is a distinguished design when it comes to bathing suits. It’s a refined balance of sexy and proper that’s easy to pull off and undeniably chic.

The Mermaid Bottom: Own the water in this fun variation of the high-waisted bottom. A thick waistband wraps around the back and makes a subtle twist in the front. Walk the beach with a mythical allure about you in this stunning bottom.

The String Bikini Bottom: Another classic swim bottom with enhanced fit and materials. The string bikini is a staple and a classic. There’s no stopping it, It won’t be replaced. It owns the beach and the pool, commanding attention with ease, but it’s powerless without you!

The Real Difficulty Is That You Can Only Wear One Suit at a Time

With this list of swimsuits, you have all the best styles created with all body types in mind. You can shop with confidence and wear with pride! There are several fun choices to make and lots of sunshine ahead of you.



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