Whether you are gearing up for the summer months or a beach vacation, you might be looking to update your swimsuit wardrobe. There are countless swimsuit options on the market that can make shopping for these clothing pieces a little overwhelming.

Additionally, if you prefer bikinis over one-pieces, you are responsible for finding a top and bottom that fit your body well (like you didn’t have enough on your to-do list packing already!).

Bikini bottoms come in a wide range of styles and shapes nowadays, and it can sometimes feel like the options are endless. At Andie Swim, we offer bikini bottom styles for every taste and body shape, and we have rounded up some of our favorites below. 

Bikini Bottom Styles

Before you start shopping for your next suit, it’s helpful to have an understanding of the different kinds of bikini bottom styles. 

Cheeky vs. Full Coverage

First, you might want to decide if you prefer a cheeky or full coverage cut, which refers to the amount of coverage on the backside of the swimsuit. A cheeky cut is all about leaving your cheeks exposed with a curved design that highlights your bottom’s natural curve and shape. 

Cheeky bikini bottoms are a wonderful option for lounging in the sun or wading in the pool. Some surfers even prefer to wear cheeky bottoms because they prefer the feeling of minimal clothing on their bottom half. 

A full-coverage bikini bottom is designed to cover most of your backside and fit like your favorite pair of bikini-style underwear. A full-coverage bikini bottom is a great choice if you want to feel secure and covered while still taking advantage of the freedom and comfort of a two-piece bathing suit. 

High vs. Low Leg Cut

You might not have even noticed that every bikini bottom comes with its own leg cut. A high vs. low leg cut will change the silhouette of the suit as well as change how it sits on your body. A high leg cut will generally give your legs the illusion of looking longer and will make your torso look shorter. Conversely, a low-leg cut bikini bottom will make your legs look a tad shorter but will lengthen your torso. 

You should never feel pressured to change the look of a certain part of your body, but if you want to emphasize your long legs with a high-leg cut or give your hips some added coverage with a low-leg cut, you can choose your bikini bottoms respectively. 

High vs. Mid vs. Low Rise

The most common option when choosing a bikini bottom is high or low rise. This generally refers to where the waistline of the bottom sits on your tummy. A high-waisted bikini bottom will rise above your belly button and generally sit along the natural curve of your waist.

Low-rise bikini bottoms, on the other hand, will sit well below your belly button. Lastly, a mid-rise bikini bottom will most likely sit right under your belly button, offering a nice in-between option. 

While we are sometimes persuaded to believe that only certain types of bodies can wear low-rise bikini bottoms, we are here to bust that myth for you. When choosing your bikini bottoms and considering the rise, you should only consider what makes you the most confident and what matches your bikini top the best. 

Additionally, you might want to consider your beach day activities before buying your bikini bottom. A high-waisted bottom might make you feel more secure when you are jumping in the waves or running around with your kids. A low-rise bottom, however, is perfect for sunbathing and slow walks on the beach. 

Our Favorites

We strive to design swimsuits that work with every style and body shape. So, while you won’t have a problem finding a bikini bottom that matches your exact needs in our entire collection, here are some of our favorite picks. 

The Molokai Bottom

The Molokai Bottom has everything you could possibly want in a bikini bottom. The high-rise waistline sits right at your belly button and comfortably covers your lower tummy and hips. The low-leg cut sits nicely on your upper thighs and will keep you feeling secured. Lastly, the full bottom coverage has a vintage-inspired look that is equally charming and practical. 

When it comes to the Molokai Bottom, the star of the show is the removable belt. With fabric that matches the color of the bikini bottom and a gold metal detail, these bottoms are beachy chic and will soon become your favorite pair of bottoms. 

90s High-Waisted Bottom

For a fun throwback, pick up the 90s High-Waisted Bottom for your next beach vacation. This vintage cut is totally flattering and is designed to highlight your natural curves.

Evoking the styles of the late 80s and 90s, the high-rise waistline will accentuate your waist, and the high leg cut will emphasize your legs and hips. And as if the rise and leg cut weren’t flattering enough, you’ll find cheeky bottom coverage on the back that shows off the curves of your bum. 

This suit comes in an impressive assortment of colors and patterns, so you will be able to easily pick a pair that matches your favorite bikini top. 

Classic Bikini Bottom

It’s easy to get swept up in the most recent swimwear styles and fill your closet with trendy pieces. However, everyone needs a few classic pieces to rely on when nothing else is working. 

Our Bikini Bottom is a classic for a reason, as it is our most versatile option. The medium bottom coverage will work for almost any occasion, and the low-rise waistline will hug your lower tummy and will never go out of style. Lastly, the medium leg cut will flatter both your torso and your legs. 

This style comes in thirteen colors and eight patterns, so you can pick a few options to mix and match with your other printed pieces.

The Waikiki Bottom

For a more sultry look, try out our Waikiki Bottom. Sitting low on your tummy and hugging your hips in the best way, you’re guaranteed to feel confident slipping these bottoms on. The cheeky bottom coverage adds another flirty element, and the medium leg cut flatters every part of your thighs and hips. 

Lastly, this bikini bottom features side ties that can be done to fit your body perfectly, giving you a custom fit. The gold hardware on the end of the ties adds a trendy and stylish element without overpowering the gorgeous silhouette. 

Your Best Bottoms

If you have been scrolling through endless pages of suits, not sure what to look for or not knowing what will look best, be sure to remember the key elements of a bikini bottom. Find out what kind of back coverage, waistline, and leg cut you prefer, and the rest will be much easier. 

Additionally, if you need a one-stop-shop that has every style and fit of bikini bottoms that are equally stylish and practical, look no further than our beach-ready collections at Andie Swim


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