If you struggle to find a swimsuit that fits your body type, you aren’t alone. Considering how crucial the fit of a swimsuit is, shouldn’t it be easier to find one that fits you perfectly? 

A sweatshirt can be a little big or a little small and the consequences are minimal– hardly worth mentioning and not enough to deter from wearing. But a swimsuit? A swimsuit that’s too small or too big is detrimental. 

It’s uncomfortable. It’s unflattering. It potentially leads to an embarrassing disaster that women have been dealing with for far too long!

If you’re reading this, you no doubt have the burning question inside the core of your being; what bathing suit is best for my body type? Is there a bathing suit out there that will fit me, flatter me, and that I can feel comfortable wearing? 

Yes! The answer is yes. Consider your bathing suit frustrations a thing of the past. This guide will introduce you to a line of swimwear that will change your reality when it comes to hitting the pool and the beach and alter the way you shop for the perfect bathing suit. 

A Line of Swimwear for Every Body Type

Andie makes swimsuits with you in mind. Whoever you are, whatever size or fit you need, Andie has got you covered. It really is a game-changer when it comes to swimsuit shopping. 

Our suits are meticulously designed, made of the highest quality, and wear-tested by tons of women. We are designed with options and features that ensure that the suit you choose will work for you. 

A Swimsuit That Suits You

Body categories are outdated, confusing, and ridiculous to begin with. All these different fruits are used to represent body shapes and sizes—do you want to be a fruit? Do you need to be a fruit? You know your body without being referred to as a pear or an apple. 

Because you know your body, and because Andie’s line of swimwear is for everyone, this guide will cover different cuts and features you’ll find in the line so you can decide exactly what you’re looking for. That should help you narrow down your options.

Flattering Features You Want

Check through these different cuts and features to decide what kind of swimsuit you’re looking for. 

More Coverage

One Piece: If you prefer a swimsuit with more coverage, you’ll find tons of options in the one-piece style. Naturally, there is more surface area and skin coverage with a one-piece. This also means that there are many ways they can be designed to show your personal style. 

The Corsica has maximum coverage in the front and circular open back. 

The Venice features a zip front and a racerback. 

These two examples are one-piece swimsuits that are totally different yet both offer ample coverage and maximum style. 

Two-Piece: However, you can also opt for a two-piece with increased skin coverage. This Longline Tank and The High-Waisted Bottom give you the flexibility of a two-piece with coverage that you’d typically find in a one-piece suit. 

Other two-piece options for increased coverage include a pinup style skirt bottom, square neckline tank, and The Boy Short Bottom

More Skin

Sometimes less is more: less coverage, more skin. If you prefer to show more skin and take in more sun, then a two-piece suit may be the way to go. Go strapless with The Scala Top and skip the tan lines, or opt for a String Bikini for a timeless, delicate appeal. 

We offer one-piece designs that show off your skin as well. The Santorini has a keyhole design, knotted together at the center to accentuate your skin in the front. The open back and thin straps balance a refined design with the natural beauty of your skin. 

For Long Torsos

If you happen to have a long torso, then you know the difficulty of finding a one-piece suit that will fit you properly. Fortunately, Andie knows this and offers tons of suits designed to accommodate your beautiful length. Just follow this link to see exactly how many great options there are. 

To Show Off Your Legs

Certain cuts will make your legs go on for days. You’ll probably take the same amount of steps getting around the pool, but you’ll feel like you’re striding down a runway. 

The high leg cut and strategic seamed design of The Bronte lengthen your lower body dramatically (plus, one of the color options is leopard print). 

The Gold Coast bottom offers the same effect, achieving it with a waistband design and a cheeky cut. Shop Andie for a wide selection of suits with high leg cuts that compliment your legs. 


High-waisted bottoms are another way to give an appearance of lengthier legs; they can also be slimming around your hips and lower stomach. The High-Waisted Bottom and The Venice Bottom are perfect examples. 

Plunge Cut

A plunge cut will draw attention upward by creating an eyeline from your chest to your face. No surprise here, but when you wear a plunge cut your chest will take the spotlight. This is also an easy way to draw attention away from the midsection and up towards your face (or closer to it, at least). 

 The Mykonos is an example of a luxurious plunge cut. It’s offered in several materials and colors and comes with removable soft cups. 

Maximum Support

Being comfortable in your swimsuit is one of the most important factors to consider. You know this, that’s why you’re reading this article. It’s absolutely necessary to have the right fit and support. This is especially true when it comes to the girls—it’s nice to be able to jump in the pool with confidence that they’re gonna stay put. 

For maximum support, consider The Bermuda, The Tulum, and The Ventura Top. These designs will give you the assurance you need to take that dive or take on that wave and the support to emerge from the water with everything on properly.  

Sensitive Skin

If your skin is sensitive to the sun, you may want extra coverage and protection from its rays. A rashguard will fully cover your arms so that you can enjoy the sun with a layer of protection against adverse effects. 

The Twist Rashguard can be worn as a top or over a one-piece suit. It features a full-coverage front, cropped length, and suave twist pack design.  

For even more protection, this full-coverage rash guard offers UPF 50+. That means that only 1/50th of UV rays will reach your skin. That’s five times more effective than if you were to wear a white tee-shirt. T


The Maternity Amalfi is everything you want in a swimsuit during pregnancy. It’s got supportive underbust elastic, side ruching for a flexible fit over your growing tummy, and UPF 50+ sun protection. Go ahead, Mom, show off your miraculous body.

Professionals agree that swimming is one of the safest forms of exercise during pregnancy. But even though you have the perfect swimsuit, you’ll still want to avoid diving, water skiing, and scuba diving during pregnancy. 

Still Need Assistance?

If you still need help deciding, no worries. Several fantastic options have been mentioned, and it’s hard to choose when it’s unrealistic to choose them all. Lucky for you, we offer a Fit Guide, Fit Quiz, and live Fit Consultation with Fit Experts to help you make a choice you know you’re going to love. 

Andie understands what you need, and how important the perfect-fitting swimsuit is. 

So Many Great Options

The typical problem with swimsuit shopping is that there are plenty of options, but few that look and feel good when you put them on. Lucky for you, you’ve come across a line of swimwear that is on a mission to eliminate the hassle that swimsuit shopping can be. Let your next experience shopping for the perfect swimsuit be the best experience.

There’s no perfect body type other than the one you have. With this line of swimsuits, you have all the best styles created with all body types in mind. You can shop with confidence and wear with pride! There are several fun choices to make and lots of sunshine ahead of you. 



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