If you are looking for a new piece of swimwear for the upcoming summer months, you might feel like you’re swimming in how many silhouettes and styles exist.

Should you buy a one-piece or a bikini? Strapped or strapless? Practical or trendy? If you are in need of some guidance, look no further. 

We are here to help you find your summer staple that will accompany you as you walk along the sand, lounge by a pool, tan at your local park, or chase your kids through sprinklers in the backyard. The answer you are looking for may be simpler than you imagine. We believe that a triangle bikini is a flawless choice for summer adventures.

If you haven’t worn a triangle bikini since high school, or you aren’t sure if they will flatter your body type, we are here to put your worries at ease. Keep reading to learn why a triangle bikini will become your new best friend. 

Why a Triangle Bikini?

If you are hesitant to slip this minimal coverage top on, here are a few reasons you won’t ever want to wear anything else. 


Swimsuit shopping can be a workout! Unlike a cozy sweater or a baggy pair of sweatpants, swimwear needs to fit you like a glove and hug your body in all of the right places.

We understand the frustration when you find a bikini top in your size, and it still pinches and gaps in certain places. However, with a triangle bikini top, you won’t have to worry about getting frustrated while slipping on your suit. 

Triangle tops almost always come with adjustable straps and an adjustable chest band. This means you can tailor the fit under your chest and on your shoulders to meet your exact needs and comfort preferences. 

Additionally, the customizable quality of these reliable tops will work with your body, regardless of weight fluctuation. Our bodies are constantly changing due to hormones, life changes, stress levels, etc.

It’s unrealistic to expect our bodies to look the same for years or even months at a time. An adjustable triangle bikini top can be altered to fit your body perfectly, regardless of what your body looked like when you bought it. 

Classic Style

We all have fallen prey to trendy styles that are in one minute and out the next. While we understand the temptation to pick up the trendiest and most exciting swimwear pieces for the summer, you should always have a classic, timeless option in your wardrobe. A triangle bikini top was the first design introduced at the conception of the two-piece bathing suit in 1946. 

Triangle bikini tops have made their eternal mark in the swimwear world, and you can feel confident that they will never go out of style. 

Multiple Ways To Wear

If you like to get a lot of wear out of your swimwear pieces, you’ll be totally satisfied with a triangle bikini top. They are wonderfully versatile and can be paired with almost any swimsuit bottom.

The chic and simple silhouette won’t be a distraction if you want to pair it with a loud pattern or a complex design on bottom. Or, if you prefer a minimalistic look, pair a triangle bikini top with a sleek pair of bottoms. 

Not only is a triangle bikini top versatile when it comes to mixing and matching, but it is also versatile. If your triangle bikini is fastened with strings around the neck and around the chest, you can alter the way it sits on your body.

Instead of the point of the triangle pointing upwards toward your head, you can flip it upside down so that the points of the triangle face your back, and the chest straps create a halter around your neck. 

Easy to Throw On 

While an ultra-strappy swimsuit top looks like an exciting and daring piece to your wardrobe, it can be a pain to put on and take off. Especially if you have kids, you understand the hassle it can be to just get out of the house for a day of kid-friendly sunny activities.

While you are running around the house collecting snacks and packing towels, the last thing you want to worry about is spending ten minutes trying to figure out how to put on your own clothes. 

A triangle bikini top is effortless to slip on and is made to sit comfortably on your body. Additionally, you especially don’t want to deal with a complicated bikini top when they are wet. If you are heading to a beachside dinner after a swim in the ocean, you can easily undo the fastens on your back and around your neck and your triangle bikini top will simply fall off. 

Our Favorite Picks

Now that you understand why a triangle bikini top will be the best choice for your summer collection, we’ve rounded up our top picks for you: 

The Cannes Top

A unique twist on a classic triangle top, the Cannes Top is a wonderful choice for a resort vacation. The double-strapped feature over the shoulders adds a stylish, chic element to this classic swimwear piece. The flexible chest band will sit comfortably on your body, and the light bust support leaves you feeling free and unrestrained. 

The Italian-made fabric feels as rich as it looks and is guaranteed to make you feel like a million bucks. 

The Tropez Top

An elegant take on a triangle bikini top silhouette, the Tropez Top is effortlessly chic and a lovely addition to your swimwear collection. The delicate design features triangle chest coverage that seamlessly transitions into thin, adjustable shoulder straps. With the customizable chest band, you won’t have a problem getting this triangle top to fit you perfectly. 

Coming in eight different color and pattern options, you can choose which style fits your taste best. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

The Santorini Top

A triangle top with a twist, the Santorini Top features just the right amount of flare for a classic silhouette option. Featuring adaptable shoulder straps and a chest band with the right amount of coverage and support, this top features all of the benefits of a triangle bikini top. Where the two triangles meet, you will find a flirty knot tie. 

The String Bikini Top

Sometimes, the simplest option is the best choice. Our String Bikini Top will be the go-to summer staple for all of your waterside adventures. The strings around the neck and around the chest are completely adjustable, and you can style this top in several ways.

The removable cups offer light bust support, and the fabric will feel soft and smooth on your skin. This top will fit every body type and make you feel confident, classically chic, and ready for a day in the sun.

The Perfect Triangle

Leave your decision-making for what beachside read to toss in your bag rather than which trendy swimsuit top to buy for the summer. With a classic silhouette, like the triangle top, you won’t ever have to worry about your investment going out of style. 

This bikini top option is reliable, comfortable, and easy to throw in your beach bag for the day. And if you are looking for a comfy cover-up or bikini bottoms to pair with your new top, be sure to rely on our extensive collection at Andie Swim


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