Few things in life are more relaxing or restorative than laying under the sun and soaking in vitamin D. The warmer months bring with them the promise of lazy days filled with nothing but reading by the pool, lying on a towel at the beach, or tanning at a park. 

Before heading out for a day in the sun, we must cross a few things off our checklists. To make it as breezy as possible, you’ll want a few pre-planned options you can grab before a day in the sun. Truly, our dream-worthy chill day does not include wasting time elbows deep in your closet, looking for suitable attire.

There are a variety of factors to consider when picking out your get-ups, such as breathability, water resistance, style, and more. Below, you will find the ultimate guide to picking out outfits for lounging in the sun. 

Baggy Shorts + T-Shirt

For a relaxed beachy look that is easy to wear on and off of the beach, slip on your favorite pair of baggy shorts and a t-shirt. Wearing tight clothes on a hot day may be uncomfortable, so prioritize comfort and style by slipping on a pair of loose denim shorts. Then, pull on your favorite loose, breathable t-shirt. 

This outfit is a great option for the beach or pool because you can keep the T-shirt on if you are trying to decrease your sun exposure. Plus, it’s an easy outfit to throw on to grab lunch at a beachside cafe or if you need to run into your hotel to stock up on towels and sunscreen

Oversized Button-Up

An oversized button-up is one of the most classic essentials for days spent lounging in the sun. After you put on your best bikini or one-piece swimsuit, slip on an oversized button-up.

You can leave it open for a lightweight feel or secure a few buttons if you want to feel covered until you get to the beach or the pool. Additionally, if you take a long walk down the beach, the button-up will protect your shoulders from getting scorched by the sun while still feeling light and airy on your body. 

For a sophisticated look, pair your button-up with chunky gold jewelry and a pair of oversized sunglasses.

All Linen

Nothing says beach vacation like an all-linen ensemble. Linen is a wonderful material for any activities involving water since it is absorbent and quick to dry. This means that you won’t have to wear soaking wet clothes all day, even if you are layering on top of your swimsuit. Linen is extremely lightweight and breathable, allowing air to flow between the fibers of the material. 

There are countless linen options for lounging in the sun, including cover-ups, shirts, shorts, and more! Pair your favorite swimsuit with a matching linen set on top for a chic and practical option. If you want to amp it up further, pair the outfit with colorful jewelry and a wicker tote for the ultimate beach resort look. 


Sometimes, the simple option is the best option.

If you don’t want to worry about packing your beach bag with a separate top and bottom, rely on our Palma Romper. Made from a terry cloth fabric, slipping this piece on will feel like wrapping yourself in your favorite beach towel. The material is extremely absorbent, meaning you can throw it on top of a soaking-wet bathing suit and feel dry in no time. 

The Palma Romper comes with a removable belt made from the same material, which allows you to give the piece some shape. It’s easy to slip on and comes in four different bright, beachy colors. You simply can’t go wrong with the Palma. 


Once again, sometimes, the simple options end up being the most reliable. Suppose you prefer to walk around the pool deck or along the sand in your bathing suit. In that case, a sarong is a perfect solution for some necessary coverage without making you feel restricted or overheated. 

The Andie Swim Sarong comes in a variety of brightly colored options that will complement your favorite suit. It features a tie waist that makes it easy to take on and off and adds a flirty element. 

This sarong is made from sustainable recycled nylon, which brings new life to old fabric and helps protect the planet. It’s a waterproof material, meaning you can hop in the pool or ocean with it tied around your waist. Pair it with a bikini top like The Havana for a flawless head-to-toe ensemble. 

Cover-Up Dress

A cover-up dress comes in handy if you find yourself spending a lot of time in the sun. If you are wearing a swimsuit underneath, it’s extremely easy to take on and off, meaning you can be fully undressed and in the water in just a few seconds. Plus, you can wear many options out and about in your everyday life, even when you’re not on a tropical vacation. 

Something like the Barreta Dress is stylish enough to translate on and off the beach. Slip it off to soak in some rays and put it back on for a beachside dinner. 

Essential Accessories

Once you have your clothing pieces picked out for your sunny adventures, it’s time to add in the final accessories. 


While protecting your skin from the sun might seem counterintuitive to a day dedicated to soaking up rays, there are certain parts of your body you should try and limit UV exposure. Your face is especially sensitive to the sun’s rays, so even if you have on a layer of sunscreen, you should add a hat for extra protection. 

Luckily, sun hats come in a variety of styles and colors so that you don’t have to sacrifice your personal taste or style for protection. If you are wearing a matching linen set, consider wearing a wide-brimmed straw hat for a boost of sophistication. If you are packing jean shorts and your favorite band tee, slip on a baseball cap for a cute and easy look. 


Besides applying sunscreen and dressing for sun protection, we want to shield our eyes from extended exposure to UV rays. Not only is a beachy pair of sunglasses helpful to protect our eyes from sun damage, but they also act as a key accessory to any outfit for a day of lounging in the sun. 

  • For a cool and sophisticated look, slip on the Maho Uluwatu Whisky Sunglasses. These shades pair flawlessly with an all-black swimsuit and a white button-up. 
  • For a classic look, pick out the Maho Sequoia No. 1 Sunglasses. Your favorite t-shirt, distressed denim shorts, and these shades create a look that will never go out of style. 
  • For a fun and flirty look, add the Maho Hilton Head Atomic Sunglasses to your cart. These retro-influenced sunglasses with rose mirror lenses are a chic addition to your favorite high-waisted suit and romper cover-up. 
  • Lastly, for the ultimate resort-style outfit, pair your favorite linen set with the Colors in Optics Tropen Sunglasses. These rose-tinted translucent frames radiate a casual elegance that is just right for a day on the shore. 

Beach Bag

Whether you are laying on a picnic blanket at the park or on a beach towel at the beach, you are going to need to bring a bag packed with your sunny day essentials. While you might have an old tote or beach bag lying around, upgrading your bag to something more stylish and personal will make packing much more exciting. 

  • For a bag that fits just the essentials and can work as a beach bag or an accessory for a night out, try out the Hat Attack Mini Slouch bag.
  • The Hat Attack Lola Handheld is a structured option that is big enough to fit all of your essentials and your favorite beach read. And the wicker-covered handles are meant to be carried in the sun. 
  • If you spend an entire day out in the sun and need a day’s worth of supplies, pick up the Hat Attack Jane Tote. This option will give you plenty of space for anything you need and will still be a welcome addition to any outfit you are wearing. 

Lounge Away 

There is no need to waste any more time trying to piece together the award-worthy beach outfit. Use our guide to put together a few staple outfits that you can rotate through depending on your mood and sunny day destination. 

And, if you are in need of any new accessories, swimwear, or outfit pieces that are perfect for lounging in the sun, rely on the style and fit experts at Andie Swim


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