Ambassador Program

We're so excited to hear that you're interested in teaming up with Andie Swim and joining our Andie Ambassador Program! It's no secret that social media has played an essential role in Andie's success in building such a strong community of women across the globe. At our core, we're a brand that was founded by women, for women. Are you an active social media user with a passion for sharing your love of swimwear? This program might be perfect for you!

influencer posing around tropical leaves in the Maui top and High Waisted Bottom in Black

influencer in the Tulum White Ribbed kissing her baby on the beach

How do I become an Andie Ambassador?

If you have an audience/following of at least 2,500, we're inviting you to apply to our program! Once we have established that your account meets the mentioned criteria, a member of our team will reach out with your next steps.

How do I promote my affiliate link?

There are endless ways to promote your link! We require that each creator post 1 IG story and 1 in-feed post per month spent in the program. All other affiliate link promotion is entirely up to you.

What can I except for payment?

We currently offer a competative commission rate. Apply to learn more!

What can I expect once accepted?

Once accepted into the program, you'll receive one of our best-selling suits. For your first month, this suit should be the center of attention! As time goes on, you may receive further opportunities.