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Mel's Musings

Hi! I'm Melanie, CEO and Founder of Andie. When I first started thinking about launching a swimwear brand, I wrote weekly emails to document my thinking and progress. A year later, I'm still writing these emails - through a successful launch, high-flying first season, growing team, and all of the ups and downs that come from trying to build a new company.

Here is the archive of those emails. To receive these in your inbox once a week, sign up below!

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Isssue #48: Mornings

Posted by Melanie Travis on Oct 9th 2017

I'm in LA this week for meetings, a photoshoot, and an Andie pop-up shop! It's a productive week, but I unfortunately haven't had a chance to sit and write my musings. But last week I was fea … read more

Issue #46: A big moment for Andie

Posted by Melanie Travis on Sep 20th 2017

On Friday evening I left work to meet some friends at Gaonnuri, one of my favorite Korean barbecue restaurants in New York. Always overeager for Bulgogi, I was first to arrive. I sat at the bar … read more

Issue #45: Do you work over the weekend?

Posted by Melanie Travis on Sep 13th 2017

Over the weekend I saw people in my newsfeed tweeting about a Business Insider article on how “NYC execs spend their weekends.” Tl;dr most do “big-picture” thinking about their businesses on … read more

Issue #44: The Real World – E-Commerce Edition

Posted by Melanie Travis on Sep 6th 2017

Last week my very dear friends got married in Italy. My wife and I stayed in a BnB that the couple recommended near the venue. Since all of the guests of the BnB that weekend were from the wedding, we … read more