The month of March in the US is regarded as Women’s History Month every year. It is a time to acknowledge and celebrate women while continuing to work toward gender equality and making the world a better, safer space for all women. March 8th, however, is a day dedicated to all women across the globe. 

International Women’s Day (IWD) is a day to shed light on women’s issues both locally and globally and to celebrate the strides toward closing the gender gap. While women’s rights should always be at the forefront of conversation, IWD is made to celebrate the work that has been done, highlighting inspiring women and empowering all women around the world. 

This day is the perfect opportunity to uplift women-owned businesses, female leaders, and inspiring women in your community while continuing to educate and raise awareness for the ongoing work toward achieving women’s equality. 

With all that said, how do you celebrate International Women’s Day? There are countless ways to participate in IWD, from local events to social media posting, so read along to discover the best way you can honor women across the globe this March 8th. 

Support Women-Owned Businesses

Here at Andie Swim, we are proud to be a women-led business. Our company can thrive thanks to the leadership and bright mind of our CEO and founder, Melanie Travis. Travis’ innovative and inclusive ideas regarding swimwear are the reason for our success over the years. 

And we are not alone. There are many, many women-owned businesses that provide crucial goods and services and deserve to be uplifted. One of the most beneficial ways to celebrate International Women’s Day is by supporting these women-owned businesses. 

Of course, we should all strive to financially support women-owned establishments on a regular basis, but especially on IWD, be sure to make a point of showing support through purchases and publicly uplifting your favorite women-led companies. 

If funds are tight but you still want to show your support, don’t feel left out. There are countless ways you can show your appreciation. For instance, if there is a company you are particularly fond of, take some time out of your day on International Women’s Day to leave a positive public review. Outlets like Yelp and Google Reviews are vital tools for businesses, and writing a generous review is a great way to bolster a women-led company. 

Another free and easy way to support women-owned businesses is by sharing their posts on social media. Women-owned businesses rightfully take great pride in their successes in a male-dominated space, so if you see one of these companies make a post on social media celebrating IWD, you can repost and boost their posts so that more people can witness their success and hopefully become patrons. Or, simply give your fave women-owned businesses a shoutout on your personal page. 

Of course, you can always participate in special IWD sales events or just make a purchase from a women-owned business if you have the means. Pay attention to your local establishments, and help keep them in business with your financial support. 

Attend IWD-Centered Events

An enriching way to celebrate on International Women’s Day is to go out and participate in in-person IWD-centered events on or around March 8th. Organizations all across the world will be holding events to celebrate feminism and encourage gender equality. Feel inspired this women’s day and join in on one of the countless events and activities out there. 

Women’s Marches

Certain outlets, like the United Nations, will be excellent tools in pinpointing the right event for you in terms of your availability and geographic location. Most major cities, though Washington DC in particular, host women’s marches in which thousands of people come together to raise awareness for women’s rights and support ending gender-based violence, wage gaps, and all forms of gender discrimination. 

The United Nations marches are an empowering act of collective activism that will leave you feeling inspired and motivated to continue fighting for equality. 

Local Events

Can’t make it to a large-scale march? Check out what your local community has going on; local positive change inspires national change, which inspires global change. No matter how “small” a part you might play, your participation matters. 

Keep an eye out for events hosted by local establishments and institutions. For example, local colleges and universities are a great hub for IWD events and activities. 

Students tend to be highly motivated to make change, and their passion for human rights can be quite infectious. “The kids are alright,” as they say, so don’t be afraid to engage with local schools this International Women’s Day. 


Conferences and speeches are excellent activities to attend for IWD. What better way to celebrate women’s achievements than by hearing directly from successful women speakers themselves? Their testimonies are awe-inspiring and are a great way to recognize the strides toward gender equality. 

Craft Fairs

Finally, check out local craft fairs and events that feature art, jewelry, and other goods from local women artists and women-led businesses. Proceeds often go towards charities centered on women’s rights, and is a great way to support women creatives.

Take to Social Media

Our lives get busy, and we don’t always have the spare time to physically go out and participate in the cool International Women’s Day events, but don’t let that stop you from engaging in your own way. This is where social media can be an excellent tool. 

Sure, your Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok accounts are designed for updating friends and family on your daily life, but if equal rights and feminism are important aspects of your identity, absolutely use those resources to share information about the recognized women’s day. 

Take a personal approach to IWD by sharing a slideshow of the women in your life who have inspired you. Those personal shoutouts help uplift one another and allow you to take a moment to recognize and reflect on the impact of influential women in your life. Besides, is there anything better than sharing a compliment with someone deserving and making their day? 

Use social media to boost your favorite women-owned businesses. Companies like us at Andie Swim are proud to be founded by women and to serve women patrons, and you can pay those businesses back by showing them love on social media. The free advertisement on your social media might just help inspire more women to one day start businesses of their own. 

If you are active online, you will have noticed that Instagram has become a hub for promoting social activism. This International Women’s Day, you can celebrate by sharing informative slideshows about the history of IWD, women’s rights, gender disparity, and helpful resources people can access to better educate themselves. 

Be sure to use the hashtags #iwd and #inspireinclusion to boost your own posts and raise more awareness. It is a quick, simple act to publicly share information on your private social media profile, but even if it reaches one person, you are helping to make a difference in the world. 

Social media is an awesome, accessible outlet to celebrate IWD, so don’t be afraid to use your profile for social good this year!

Support Women-Led Podcasts

A remote and simple way to celebrate IWD is by supporting women-led podcasts. Like many other industries, the podcasting sphere is oversaturated and dominated by male-led podcasts.

While many of those podcasts are entertaining, informative, and well-produced, it is critical to also uplift and support podcasts hosted by women since it is so difficult to compete in a field that is so drastically underrepresented by womankind. The success of podcasts are determined by several factors. 

Most importantly, podcasters rely on five-star reviews from listeners and sponsorships and brand deals. Podcasts will only be granted brand deals if they have a wide enough audience and a positive reputation. 

If you are an avid podcast listener, use IWD as your chance to empower female hosts and give their hard work some recognition. Go ahead and rate and review your favorite women-led podcasts with five stars. Those reviews help boost them up in charts, which will get them more recognition, then more brand deals, and overall more success. 

Aside from supporting your favorite women-hosted podcasts, take some time on International Women’s Day to listen to an episode or two centering around women leaders, women’s achievements, and important breakthroughs in women’s rights history. Educating yourself is one of the best things you can do on IWD, and many podcasts are devoted to spreading accurate, interesting, and empowering information about women’s rights. 


International Women’s Day is a time to shed light on countless global issues that women experience due to gender disparity. Historical landmarks in women’s history have been achieved, but we are far from gender equality, especially in different areas of the world. 

There are many singular issues within the entire feminist movement that need to be addressed, but we should not feel helpless. So many fundraising efforts exist to help enact change around the globe to make the world a better, safer, and more equitable place for women everywhere. 

If you are particularly moved or impacted by a specific gender-based issue, seek out fundraisers and nonprofit organizations that you can donate to. For instance, gender-based violence is sadly very common all around the world, but thankfully, countless humanitarian groups and organizations are dedicated to eliminating all gender violence. 

Futures Without Violence is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending all violence, especially violence against women. By supporting nonprofits like that, you can help women globally. Be sure to explore the IWD website to find an extensive list of major organizations you can donate to!

It is always important to give your money to reputable organizations. Sometimes, a great way to directly support people is to donate to fundraisers directly for women impacted by gender-based discrimination or violence. 

This women’s history month and IWD, if you see a GoFundMe or other fundraisers being shared to help a fellow woman, give a dollar if you can. Or, be sure to pass the fundraiser along to more people. 

Raising money and financially supporting causes dedicated to protecting women’s rights and eliminating discrimination is a fabulous way to celebrate International Women’s Day and help enact change, both locally and globally. 

Andie Swim for Women’s Rights

As a women-owned business, all of us at Andie Swim are all for equality and are thrilled to participate in global events like International Women’s Day. Our company is dedicated to providing inclusive, stylish swimwear by women for women, so celebrating women’s successes is very important to us. 

That said, there is no one right way to celebrate IWD. Whether you take to social media to share information about women’s rights, participate in a women’s march, or even just spend quality time with important women in your life, you are helping make the world a better place. 

Women’s empowerment takes many forms, so get out there and celebrate International Women’s Day however you can!


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