Worn Works for Women

Two strangers join forces to build up women-owned businesses, even when people said it was bad business.

Worn is a Brooklyn-based agency that started as a DC-based magazine. A government grant, cold email and lot of  hustle later, it’s a booming. mission-driven business helping brands like Bumble, Let’s Move (yeah, Michelle Obama) and Andie(!) grow and reach new audiences. Nicole Corbett and Carolyn Rush have grown Worn to 14 people through a contagious blend of adventurousness, positivity and resilience — because agency life isn’t easy, and you have to deal with rejection every damn day.


Close your eyes and go with it

“We felt making a bet on women wasn’t only smart from a financial and business perspective, but that we could have an impact. And we had a little blind optimism from day one.” - Nicole Corbett

Worn.nyc @worn.nyc

Nicole's favorite Andie