Each day is getting warmer, the trees and flowers are starting to blossom, and the birds are singing, which can only mean one thing: Summer is just around the corner! As the hotter seasons quickly approach, beach season and pool days are on the horizon. 

There is no better way to enjoy those hot summer days than with a dip in the pool, a trip to the lake, or even a little getaway to the nearest beach. But while those beachy days are fun-filled, nothing is more important than safety, which begs the question: when is the right time to start swim lessons? 

Whether you are a parent to a child or someone who never received proper swimming instruction, water safety is the key to a great summer, and the best way to ensure both yourself and your little one can have the best pool day possible is to take some swim lessons!

Unsure where to start in regard to lessons? We’ve got you covered. Keep reading to learn all about when to start taking swim lessons, as well as some bonus info about local water safety events and activities to keep an eye out for. 

Can Babies Take Swim Lessons?

In short, YES! You absolutely can take swimming lessons with your baby. 

While it isn’t necessary to start swim lessons before age one, taking your infant to water play classes once they are four months old and up can be a great way to bond with your child and plant the seed of water safety in your newborn’s habits. (Plus, it’s a great excuse to throw on a stylish maternity-friendly swimsuit.)

It goes without saying that an infant baby won’t be able to swim on their own and prevent future drowning, but it is still a great opportunity to strengthen their muscles and motor skills and get used to the pool. 

Programs across the country offer classes designed for moms and babies to get some pool time together. These lessons are all-encompassing, as you get special bonding time with your precious baby, socialize with other new parents, and help nurture your child’s development. Plus, it gives you an excuse to dress your kid in an adorable swimsuit and floaties and bask in the cuteness of it all. 

Children’s Swimming Classes

While infant swim classes aren’t a necessity, starting swimming lessons between ages one and four is highly recommended. Even if you are not in close proximity to a pool or body of water, and even if beach trips and poolside visits are uncommon for you and yours, learning basic water survival skills will benefit you and your child for their entire lives. 

Once children are one year old, they are more capable of learning how to swim, float, find an exit route, and more; all skills that are water safety essentials. It’s a scary thought, but children between the ages of one and four are more likely to die from drowning than any other cause. 

That terrifying stat is the reason we want to get our children to start swim lessons as soon as possible. By taking these lessons and learning water survival skills, we can do our part in minimizing that statistic. 

Some skills are purely instinctual, but swimming does require more formal instruction. Swim lessons for children teach them how to swim using different kinds of strokes, how to tread water, how to float, and how to exit the water safely. These lessons also instill good habits at a young age, like how to jump into a pool correctly, how to appropriately play with other children in water, and to not run next to pools. 

In adulthood, such water safety tips and facts seem second nature, but that is only thanks to the lessons and instruction we received growing up. Children are silly and playful but not always mindful of their own safety, so these swim lessons are the perfect way to teach kids how to swim and to protect themselves from potential danger in water.

Can Adults Take Swim Lessons?

Like earlier, the short answer is a big YES! While it is ideal to take swim lessons as a child, there is no shame in seeking those lessons in adulthood. Plenty of adults do not know how to swim properly, and it is never too late to learn. 

Even if you “know” how to swim, if you do not feel 100 percent confident in your swimming abilities, do not hesitate to take a lesson and freshen up those water safety skills. Perhaps you’ve got a beach vacation coming up and want to finally conquer that ocean fear of yours. Or maybe you are a regular at the local public pool and want to become a stronger swimmer. Whatever the reasoning, learning to swim as an adult is a cool thing to do. 

Unsure where to start? First, be sure to check out your local YMCA. From beginner classes to master levels, your local Y tends to be a reliable first stop for your adult swim lesson needs. Other organizations like the Red Cross offer periodic adult swimming lessons to look out for. 

You never know when the ability to swim well will come in handy, and ensuring your safety is always a top priority. Though the risk is greater in children, drowning is a threat to adults in water as well, especially in bodies of water like oceans and rivers. Having the tools to navigate strong currents, big waves, or any unexpected setback in the water can literally save your life. 

Besides, swimming lessons in adulthood can be fun! It is a great way to meet new people, show off your new favorite one-piece swimsuit, and learn a new skill. You might even find yourself loving lessons so much that you take up swimming as an exercise routine. 

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and become a stronger swimmer as an adult!

Keeping an Eye on Local Events and Classes

The big question is when to start swim lessons, and as we’ve established, the answer is as soon as possible. But then what? We mentioned some resources earlier, but now we can dive deeper into where and how you and your child can learn to swim. 

For the best results, definitely sign your child (or yourself, if necessary) up for formal swimming lessons from a reputable business. Again, we always recommend checking out your local YMCA first. Or, check out private fitness clubs and establishments in your area and find the swimming lessons that suit your needs best. 

Another great outlet to encourage water safety and learning to swim is through public events. Always keep an eye out for fun-filled events on social media in your area. Whether you have a local country club or even just the local public swimming pool, look out for any events they might be holding in the near future. 

If you live in a big city, countless events and public classes are held. In fact, we at Andie Swim held a Parent and Me Swim Class in New York City! The class was an intimate experience with parents and their babies learning to swim. We offered awesome goodies like an Andie swimsuit, cool merch from vendors, and refreshments.

Events like this make the learning experience unique and fun, which only makes learning to swim all the more worthwhile. Though our private class has already come and gone, there will be more to come. Plus, many other businesses and vendors host events dedicated to learning important skills like swimming, so always have an eye out for the next fun lesson in your area. 

Swim to Success

Swimming is an incredibly fun, rewarding activity, and it is only better when you know you have the skill set to avoid danger in the water. The unfortunate truth is that drowning is a real threat; however, it is a threat that can be mostly avoided by simply knowing how to swim properly. 

The best time to start swim lessons is now (unless your child is under four months old). Water safety skills save lives and will ensure your next beach trip, pool day, or trip to the lake is fun-filled and worry-free. Seek out swim lessons for you and your child, and flex those safety skills for years to come!


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