Is there anything quite as exciting as anticipating your next vacation? Days spent by the pool or beach, cozy nights spent in your suite, and elegant dinners are waiting for you. 

The only “stressful” aspect of planning your next getaway is figuring out what to pack. Vacation dress codes can be tricky to navigate, but we’ve got you covered with the resort wear 411. Keep reading to learn about what resort wear is and how you can pack more efficiently for your next getaway! 

What Is Resort Wear?

Resort wear refers to the garments that you should bring along with you for your next vacation. Resort wear does not require you to go out and secure a new wardrobe. All you need to do is pack smartly and dress on-theme for your next trip. But if you add a new piece or two, well, we can’t blame you!

Your cruise collection, resort wear, or vacation wardrobe is going to consist of clothes that are more laid back, comfy, and breathable while still being chic. Especially if you are heading to a warm, tropical climate, your resort-wear suitcase will hold loosely fitting, flowy garments. These pieces will keep you confident and comfy while looking like a tropical fashionista. 

There are layers to resort wear to keep in mind when you start folding clothes and filling your suitcase. Consider all the different activities and expectations of your vacation when you plan out your perfect resort wear.

There’s a big difference between what you’ll need for active beach vacations like windsurfing in Costa Rica versus what you’ll need sipping Champagne by the French Riviera

From resort casual attire to more elegant nighttime affairs, there are several circumstances to plan for. We don’t want to feel out of place or underdressed; here’s our breakdown of the resort wear levels. 

Resort Casual Attire

Casual resort attire accounts for the daily clothes that you will wear. These are clothes that you will wear around the resort, out to lunch, out for a casual stroll, or for any other more chill activities. 

Ensure that you have plenty of day-to-day fashion variety by packing a good amount of resort casual attire since these will be the clothes you wear most frequently on your vacation. 

The Power of Mix-and-Match Separates

You will need all the essentials: t-shirts, shorts, swimsuit coverups for fun layering opportunities, tennis shoes, sandals, flip flops, and any other versatile garments you might need. Opt for pieces that can mix and match — top and bottom separates will go far. A Classic Tee can pair with a pair of light denim jeans one day and linen pants the next day for an entirely fresh look. 

Once the night strolls around, and it’s time for nice dinners and evenings out on the town, you will want to switch gears and break out the evening attire clothes. 

Here’s what you need to shine bright at night:

Resort Evening Attire

Evening attire does not mean you need to dress formally by any means; rather, just take a slightly more sophisticated approach to your nighttime style. Your evening attire is meant for those upscale dinners at the resort restaurant or local fine dining establishments.

Don’t forget to plan evening attire for drinks and nights on the town. These evening activities require a more elevated approach to your resort fashion. Instead of looking casual and chic, your evening wear is more refined. 

There are some easy dos and don’ts to keep in mind for your evening attire whilst packing. Do be sure to bring nicer jeans and pants, light linen dresses, skirts, cute blouses or polos. Don’t wear your t-shirts, short-shorts, flip-flops or athletic clothes. Athleisure is great for your resort casual attire but set the sneakers and leggings aside when the sun goes down and it is time to hit the town. 

Footwear can be tricky, especially when you only have so much space in your suitcase, but as long as you have at least one pair of dressier shoes or stylish sandals, you’re set. 

Formal Resort Attire

If you are the kind of traveler who likes to have at least one fancy rendezvous on your getaways, remember your formal resort attire when you pack. Resort formal looks a bit different than a typical black-tie soiree.

Generally, you can ditch the cocktail dresses and tuxedos for your travels. Instead, opt for classy but easy-going formal garb. Especially since you are likely venturing somewhere warm and luxurious, bring formal clothes that match the atmosphere.

Flowy long dresses, pant-suits, and jumpsuits are excellent, lightweight, and classy garments to consider packing for the potential tropical cocktail party. Or, if you prefer to rock separates, opt for a dressy blouse and rock it with a midi or maxi skirt or a sleek pair of trousers. 

The formal resort attire is still low-key but looks elegant and chic for those fancy outings. 


Of course, no resort wear guide would be complete without mentioning swimwear. You are going to have so much fun hitting the beach, lounging by the resort pool, and soaking up the sun on your getaway. This is obviously going to require some effortlessly stylish swimwear!

Comfort is the most important factor to consider when you pack for the big trip, so make sure to grab your most trusted swimsuits. We recommend bringing at least two bathing suits so that you can always have a dry one on hand and have a backup in case you get sick of rocking the same garment on the beach. 

Bring some variety to the resort by packing both a one-piece and two-piece bathing suit. Or, if you are partial to one specific style, bring two of your favorites in different colors or patterns to switch it up. 

As long as the swimsuits you pack make you feel comfortable and confident, you’ll be ready to rock the resort!

Packed for Paradise

Now that you know all there is to know about resort wear, you’re set to get packing and prepare for paradise. Resort wear is simple and relaxed and will ensure you spend your holiday in comfort and style.


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