A cocktail? No, that’s a martini. A pasta? No, that’s a linguini. A sports car? No, that’s a Lamborghini. We’re talking about a tankini.

If you haven’t already heard of a tankini, you’ll be glad to know that such a wonderful piece of versatile swimwear is out there in the world for you to enjoy. If you’re already familiar with the tankini, congratulations, and good on you for making a great choice, you’ll be excited to relate to the truth about tankinis that you know and love so well.

Read on to deconstruct swimwear’s dark horse, find out what makes tankinis so fantastic, and have a look at four of the best examples that you could wear to the pool and the beach this summer.

Tank + Bikini = Tankini

By now you’ve probably figured out the word math on this one. A tankini is the result of a tank top combined with a bikini. Not only do the words crossover and link up with one another, but the tankini actually filled a gap in the bathing suit market between the one-piece and the two-piece design. 

A tankini is a two-piece suit, but it offers coverage more similar to a one-piece. Later in the article, you’ll find that it draws from the best features of both the bikini and the one-piece suit. Until then, let’s analyze the two elements that bring the tankini to life, the tankini parents if you will.


The tank top is something many people already wear to the pool and the beach, often over their bikini top. With a tankini, you can wear it as a tank top and nobody would know the difference. Once you’ve showered and laid your suit out to dry, you can keep the tank vibes going in a relaxed scoop tank to show off your tan and stay comfy and laid back. 


The bikini was first introduced in France in 1946. It was a big deal at the time and a shock to many. There were two-piece suits before then, but for the most part, they dared not even reveal the belly button and consisted of shorts for bottoms.

It was named the bikini after Bikini Atoll, a coral reef that was used as an atomic test site at the time. The correlation is said to be that the skimpy bikini design was a shock that changed the landscape of swimwear forever. 


The tankini as we know it today wasn’t officially introduced as such until 1997, by designer Anne Cole. How was it that such a logical, practical, stylish idea took so long to emerge? The pieces were there, and to the benefit of women everywhere, Cole finally put them together during the late 90s. 

Since then, tankinis have seen many iterations and designs. Whether it’s simple, streamlined designs, frilly and floral, or happy and strappy, it’s the choice of many who are better for it. Tankini fans know what they’re looking for and what they like, and that’s exactly how you should rock your swimwear, whether it’s a tankini or not. 

Why Wear a Tankini?

Here are some of the reasons that you should wear a tankini. The rest you’ll have to discover for yourself. 

The Best of Both Worlds 

Tankinis offer some of the best features of one-piece and two-piece bathing suits. They really are the happy medium of all swimwear. Continue reading down this list to see how tankinis pull from both sides to create their unique appeal. 

Super Cute

Yes, they’re super cute. Tankinis make for a calculated and relaxed swimwear look that you can rock to the beach, pool, or water park and feel great about. And sexy? Yes, check that box too. You choose your design to leave as much or as little to the imagination as you like, you can’t go wrong either way!

Mix and Match

Mixing and matching your top and bottoms is fun. It’s one of the appeals of wearing bikinis that you lose with one-piece suits. Tankinis allow you to mix and match your top and bottom while keeping the coverage you want. You can’t go wrong with coordinating pairs, but sometimes you just need to go outside the box and try a new combination. 

Double as a Top

This was mentioned briefly above, but it’s worth bringing up again. Getting a two for one is always good news. Tankinis can make for really cute fitted tops. Take a look at this white, snap-front tankini top and tell me you wouldn’t wear it with a pair of jeans? What about under a jacket? 

Easy Bathroom Trips

The convenience of going to the bathroom definitely leans towards the two-piece suit. Getting out of a one-piece to pee can be quite a hoop to jump through, especially if you’re soaking wet. 

Tankinis make your trips to the bathroom quick and easy while offering the same coverage that you appreciate about a one-piece suit.

Sun & Rash Protection

More body coverage gives you better protection from the sun. Instead of reaching a sunscreen hand to the middle of your back, you can opt for a tankini that covers your full back and torso instead. Somehow, no matter how hard you try, there always seems to be a spot where you don't get enough sunscreen when you try to do it by yourself. 

Rash protection is another appeal of the tankini. If you’re planning on hitting the water for some surfing or boogie boarding, a swimsuit with more coverage could make all the difference. 

Along these lines, there’s plenty of sun protection to be found in rash guard tops as well. They can be worn over a two-piece or on their own as a top for sun and rash protection and the peace of mind that comes with it. 

Elite Examples

These tankini examples from Andie are as good as it gets. Created with precise fabric blends that make for an ideal stretch, compression, and comfort, anything from their line of swimwear is going to emerge victorious. They also have a team of Fit Experts to help with any questions you might have and ensure your tankini fits perfectly. 

The Longline Tank

The Longline Tank is a timeless tank design. With clean lines and an appealing minimalistic design, this tankini has everything you need and nothing you don’t. Fully adjustable straps make for a custom fit, and eco-poly material means that you’re wearing an environmentally friendly piece as well. 

Pair this tankini with a matching bikini bottom and you’ve got a new favorite swimsuit. 

The Aruba Top

The Aruba Top is a super cute halter top design that can be worn two different ways. Thanks to the removable halter tie strap, you can wear it as a halter or a tube top. The flat fabric and compression design make it great for charging waves as it does lounging on the beach afterward. 

Pair The Aruba Top with some banded, high-waisted bottoms, or a matching 90’s Cheeky Bottom for a sporty, retro look. 

The Snap-Top

Don’t wear this top unless you take compliments well and can answer every other lady on the beach inquiring about where you got your cute top. With thick straps and a fully adjustable snap front, The Snap-Top is a truly unique suit that is both stylish and comfortable. The underbust seam gives you the support you need, and the adjustable front means you can show as much or as little cleavage as you want. 

The Siren Tank

This vintage-inspired tankini top has a flattering square neckline and a fabulous seamless design. The Siren Tank has top-level performance for water activities and exquisite fashion appeal for poolside recovery.

Complete the perfect match with an adorable skirt bottom, or matching boy shorts

Get Your Tankini On

There it is, everything you need to know about the tankini. It takes the best of what bikinis and one-piece swimsuits have to offer and puts it together in one stylish and practical package. It’s clever, it really is — it has to be with a name like tankini. 

So what do you think, are you ready to join the tankini gang? Do you want to rock your tankini top all day long on the beach and through the beach town shopping tour? It’s a versatile swimwear option for everyone, and the tankini styles from Andie could be your new favorite thing about swimming. 


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