Anyone with a larger bust knows that finding a flawlessly fitting swimsuit can sometimes be quite the to-do list. We want to change that narrative and make it easy and fun for you to find bathing suits that make you look and feel amazing.

When you have bigger boobs, it is crucial to find swimwear that provides excellent support while making you feel comfortable, confident, and secure. We are here to make the search for the perfect one-piece easier for you.

The following list cultivates the best Andie Swim one-piece swimsuits that will leave you feeling stylish and confident when you hit the waves. The best part? These swimsuits look amazing on ALL shapes and sizes. So, if you fall in love with any of these suits, you can confidently recommend them to a friend, regardless of their individual body type.

Now, keep reading to learn all about the best one-piece swimsuits to rock on the beach this summer.

Amalfi One Piece

The Amalfi One Piece is a best-selling Andie Swim classic—and for good reason! This swimsuit has a simple yet timeless design that compliments all kinds of figures, especially those with fuller busts. 

This particular piece comes in a wide variety of colors, so regardless of your individual style, there’s one for you. The Amalfi is ribbed with a scooped neckline that provides medium coverage and extra support with removable cups. It exposes a small amount of cleavage: You can feel feminine and flirty without having to bear more than you are comfortable with. 

The texture of this swimsuit is flexible, so you can do virtually anything in it. Whether you want to dive headfirst into the deep end of a pool or lounge around on a beach towel reading the latest BookTok sensation, you’ll be dressed for success. 

Comfort should be a priority, regardless of cup size. That being said, if you do have a larger bust, you can rest assured that your assets will be secure in the Amalfi One Piece Swimsuit. It provides decent coverage but allows you to show a little skin without being too flashy or showy. It is a comfy-cute classic that will look excellent on any beach. 

The best part about this one piece are the adjustable straps. Adjustable straps only make this swimsuit more suitable for all body types. Regardless of bust size, you will be able to move the straps as needed. 

It is a classic swimsuit that any body type can rock with confidence. 

Mykonos One Piece

The Mykonos One Piece creates a classic bombshell look. With the deep plunging neckline, this retro swimsuit complements every figure, regardless of bust size.

If you like to stay active on the beach, know this swimsuit only provides light support, so it’s not necessarily ideal for athletic activities, but it is extremely comfortable and flattering. Essentially, you can’t go for a run in this swimsuit, but you’ll be a beach goddess when you wear this to the pool. You’ll love it so much that you might want to wear it with leggings to brunch — just saying. 

Though this look is a bit more risque than other one-piece styles, it gives you the opportunity to put your physique on display. If you need some fresh Insta pics, this swimsuit will give you an opportunity to take a mini beach photoshoot. 

No matter your bust size, this high-quality style compliments and enhances every woman’s natural physique. You will look curvy and stylish when you hit the beach in this cool style, regardless of your bra size. Plus, the soft cups are removable for a fit that’s totally custom to you. 

Lanai One Piece

The Lanai One Piece is a must-have for all bust sizes. With maximum coverage and a fashion-forward high neck, you will feel like a fashionista in this garment. 

This one-piece brings an element of high fashion to the poolside that will make you stand out. The neckline is high and ties around the neck in a halter style. The back then opens up with criss-cross shoulder straps that keep you secure. Our strappy Lanai One Piece breaks away from the traditional swimsuit style and instead allows you to experiment with your beachy fashion. 

Providing full coverage in the front and extra support, this swimsuit is perfect for large busts. Sometimes you just need a one-piece bathing suit that keeps the girls covered so that you can have a fun-filled beach day without worrying about faulty swimwear. The Lanai swimsuit dissolves you of any potential slips and keeps you comfortable and chic. 

That being said, this swimsuit is a true gem for its inclusivity. While it is an excellent choice for bigger busts, it truly compliments bodies of all shapes and sizes.

This swimsuit is the definition of business in the front, party in the back. Look and feel like a glamorous beauty when you hit the beach in this getup! 

Tulum One Piece

Do you picture yourself running in slow motion on the beach like the stunning legends of Baywatch? The Tulum One-Piece will make you look like you stepped right off of the Baywatch set when you show up at the pool in it. 

Not only will you look like a superstar, but you’ll feel incredible too. The swimsuit itself provides maximum bust support, which is ideal for anyone who has a bigger chest. 

Your boobs will look great in this piece of swimwear, and there won’t be any hassle. Anyone who is “well-endowed” knows the struggle of constantly adjusting and moving your swimsuit to accommodate the size of your bust. Thankfully, the Tulum One Piece makes that a thing of the past. 

Like all the other mentioned bathing suits, however, a larger chest size is not required to rock this swimsuit. The nylon hugs your figure in all the right places, and the fabric is flexible so that anyone can feel their best. All shapes and sizes flatter the Tulum!

This swimsuit is also a fab choice for folks who stay active when they hit the beach or pool. You can go for a jog on the sand, play some beach volleyball, or do laps around the swimming pool with ease and enjoyment in this piece.

Malibu One Piece

Yet another swimsuit with maximum support, the Malibu One-Piece is absolutely to die for. This bathing suit has it all: versatility, fashion-forwardness, and comfort. 

Whether you want complete coverage or want to show off a little cleavage, this swimsuit will suit you perfectly. The suit provides complete coverage in the back and has a high snap-front neckline which allows you to adjust to your individual coverage preferences in the front. 

If you are more comfortable keeping it modest, you can simply snap all the buttons closed so that your chest is covered. Otherwise, you can undo some of the snaps to expose more skin and show off your figure. 

Athleisure is all the rage these days, and if you follow sporty chic trends, you will be obsessed with the Malibu One Piece. It has a wide-strap sporty look that will have you looking like a beachy athlete, even if your sport of choice is reading on a beach towel. 

Women with bigger busts will rejoice at this swimsuit due to the excellent support and coverage opportunities. You can rest assured that your girls will look great and feel secure in the swimsuit. Plus, the adjustable snap-front feature allows you to control how exposed and supported your bust is. 

This swimsuit style is sporty, flirty, and unique for all body types. Switch up your look and opt for the Malibu One Piece today!

Helpful Tips for Larger Busts

Though the above list of swimsuits are excellent options for any person with a bigger chest to rock this summer, we also have a brief list of tips to keep in mind any time you go bathing suit shopping:

Check Out Underwire Swim Tops

Whether you want to rock a bikini or a one-piece, underwire swimsuits can be some of the best swimsuit options for big busts. Underwire bikini tops keep your chest secure and give your boobs a tasteful lift. 

Halter Necklines Reign Supreme 

Support for your bust is the most important thing when swimsuit shopping and halter-top styles can be a great shortcut to keep in mind. Instead of distinct sleeves, the fabric will join together around your neck, which provides better support for your boobs. 

Pair your halter bikini with high-waisted bikini bottoms for a look you’ll have to take a picture of and send to all your besties immediately. 

Don’t Be Afraid of Plunging Necklines

Just because you have larger breasts doesn’t mean you need to avoid V-necks and plunging necklines. Feel free to embrace your figure and try out swimwear with plunging V-necklines! Your chest will still have excellent support, and you can have a fun, flirty moment by showing some skin. 

Rock a One Piece Today

No matter how large or small your bust size may be, any of the above one-piece swimsuits will make you look and feel your best when you hit the beach this summer. With swimwear that offers this much comfort, support, and fashion, you simply can not go wrong! Grab your favorite Andie Swim One-Piece and dive into summer in style.


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