First off, congratulations on your upcoming wedding and honeymoon! As you plan your dream getaway, you’ll undoubtedly think about what to pack, and one of the essential items to consider is a bathing suit. 

Whether you’re headed to a tropical island with pristine beaches or a luxurious resort with a fabulous pool, you will want to look and feel amazing. 

We’ve curated a list of the top five best honeymoon swimsuits for every destination, so you can focus on planning your dream trip and making memories with your loved one. So sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the ultimate honeymoon bathing suit. 

How To Pick the Perfect Honeymoon Bathing Suit

Before getting into the best honeymoon swimsuits for every destination, let’s review what goes into the swimsuit that makes you say, “I am never taking this off.” 

First and foremost, you want to feel confident and comfortable in your swimwear. Body confidence is everything! We believe that anyone can wear anything, as long as you wear it with a smile (or runway-model-like pout) and feel your best. 

When you’re scrolling Instagram endlessly for your dream suit, you also want to consider what types of activities you will be doing on your honeymoon. If you plan on swimming, snorkeling, surfing, or playing water sports, you’ll want a suit that stays in place and has good coverage. If, on the other hand, you’re mostly lounging, you can get away with a more stylish suit that has less coverage. 

Next, consider the climate of wherever you are headed. Tropical location? You’re going to want a lightweight, breathable, and perhaps colorful suit. A cooler climate may require a thicker bathing suit or at least a long-sleeve coverup to go over the suit. 

One thing you don’t need to worry about? What anyone else thinks of you. Except, of course, MAYBE your husband or wife. If they absolutely love the color blue, maybe you can throw them a bone and get yourself a cute royal blue two-piece. Again: only if that floats YOUR boat! 

1. Best Honeymoon Bathing Suit for a Beach Getaway

If you’re headed to a beach destination for your honeymoon, like Hawaii, you’ll want a bathing suit that is both practical and stylish. We love a two-piece with a high-waisted bottom and a cute bikini top. Our Icaria Two-Piece Suit fits the bill! It comes in a fun floral print that is guaranteed to work with the beachy vibe of your destination. 

This suit has a fun 90’s feel to its style, so you can bask in nostalgia, order a fruity drink, and enjoy it on the beach in newly wedded bliss. 

2. Best Bathing Suit for Pool Destinations

When choosing a bathing suit for a resort with a pool, there are a few things to take into account. As always, comfort is key. However, you also want to think about style. 

If you are mostly lounging by the pool rather than engaging in water sports and athletic activities, you can probably get away with a cute and stylish bathing suit that doesn’t have quite as much support.

You may want to think about being able to take your look from the pool to the bar or restaurant, so a bathing suit that will pair well with a maxi skirt or a pair of linen pants is the ultimate choice. We love our Mykonos One-Piece for this purpose! With a deep plunging neckline, it’s daring and wears well at the pool or dressed up for dinner or drinks. 

3. Best Bathing Suit for a Tropical Destination

A tropical destination means a hot, humid climate. For this purpose, you want a bathing suit that is breathable and comfortable. To complement the scenery and the vibe, consider choosing a suit with bright colors or bold prints that reflect the vibrant energy of the tropics. 

High-cut bottoms or string bikinis can be a great choice for showing off your curves and lounging on the beach. We love a classic string bikini that truly embodies the energy of a tropical vacation — the Tropez, for instance. 

4. Best Bathing Suit for Adventurous Destinations

Do you feel the need for speed? Fancy yourself an adrenaline junkie? Suppose you’re planning a honeymoon that involves water sports, hiking, kayaking, surfing, or other general adventuring. In that case, you want to choose a suit that will stay put throughout all of your outdoor activities. When it comes to pictures of your honeymoon that make the scrapbook grade, nip slips are not one of those. 

A swimsuit with a secure fit is absolutely essential, and for this purpose, we love the Malibu one-piece. Not only is it great for any adventure you can dream up, but it comes in a variety of colors. If you want to stick to bridal white, it comes in a flat white and ribbed white fabric. The deep neckline with snaps makes it totally honeymoon worthy. 

5. Best Bathing Suit for a Luxury City Honeymoon

Paris, anyone? If you’re going off the beaten path and opting for a city honeymoon in a luxury hotel or villa, you’ll want to go for a bathing suit that is both chic and comfortable. A stylish one-piece with a low back or cut-out details can be a great option for a sophisticated, glamorous look. 

Assuming that you will be doing a lot of your swimsuit wearing around a pool, you will also want something that is alluring and fun, suitable for a quick dip, and some safe, sunscreen-lathered sunbathing. Our Santorini One-Piece has a keyhole cutout in the front, and a low cut-back, making it a chic choice for a luxury honeymoon in the city. 

How Can You Best Accessorize Your Honeymoon Bathing Suit?

The secret to accessorizing is K.I.S.S: Keep It Simple and Sexy! A great option is to add a wide-brimmed hat, which is not only going to look adorable but is also going to add some sun protection for your face. Oversized sunglasses or aviators are always a great choice as well.

Hopefully, on your honeymoon, the biggest worry you’ll have is how to go from the pool to the bar while still looking your best, and a light, flowing cover-up (like the Amora Dress) or sarong can be a great way to make that transition seamlessly. 

We love a pop of statement jewelry like a chunky bracelet, minimalist gold necklace, or a classic pair of hoop earrings. When it comes to tips for putting together a flawless outfit, Coco Chanel recommends you take off one accessory before heading out, and it’s hard to disagree with that!

What’s the Best Way To Pack a Bathing Suit? 

You may be wondering how to best pack your swimsuit to keep it fresh and looking nice for your honeymoon. Well, there are a few things to keep in mind.

If you can’t resist wearing your suit to your local pool before heading off on your honeymoon, wash and dry it thoroughly before you pack it. The last thing you want is to get to your honeymoon only to find that you’ve got a musty, moldy swimsuit in your luggage. 

A great life hack is to pack your swimsuit in a large plastic zip-top bag (or a wet bag if you have one). This is not so important for the trip TO your honeymoon, but more important for the trip home, when you may have gotten some salt and sand in your suit. This will protect your other clothes from those elements. 

If you’re a little short on space in your luggage, try the roll method: You can save some space by rolling up your clothes instead of folding them. A fringe benefit is that this can also mean you will have fewer wrinkles in your clothes, provided that you are being careful while doing your rolling. 


While there is no single “right” choice for a bathing suit for your honeymoon, there are definitely directions you can go depending on where you will be vacationing. It’s up to you whether you go for traditional bridal white, a fun tropical print, or a bold solid that matches your flip-flops

From pools to beaches to water sports, there is the perfect bathing suit out there for you: You just have to find it. When in doubt? Pack two! Happy honeymooning! 


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