You do not need to be young to look and feel spectacular on the beach — older women are beach babes, too! All you need is the perfect flattering swimsuit to give you that boost of confidence, and you will be glowing this summer. 

We know that everyone has different preferences when it comes to swimwear, especially as we get older. Whether you prefer keeping it modest with a stylish one-piece swimsuit or you like to rock a bikini, we have you covered. 

Keep reading to discover all the most flattering Andie swimsuits for older women. 

One-Piece Swimsuits

Our one-piece swimsuit collection is vast and has something for everyone. There is no such thing as a “one size fits all” style, so we’ve rounded up our best one-piece swimsuits that flatter older women. Read along and find the right bathing suit for you!

1. The Mykonos One Piece

The v-neck Mykonos one-piece is a timeless, stylish pick for our older beach fashionistas. The plunging neckline allows you to show off a tasteful amount of cleavage while offering full coverage in the back and bum. Plus, the thicker straps help support the girls. 

That said, this option is best for beach loungers. The deep V provides ample coverage, but you might slip out a bit if you engage in physical activities, like diving into the ocean or playing beach volleyball. 

The Mykonos One Piece has a sophisticated style that will make you feel like a beachy movie star. It has all the makings of a glamorous gown despite being swimwear. That neckline is to die for, and you will feel in your prime flaunting yourself around the pool this summer. 

2. The Amalfi One Piece

Go back to the basics with this flattering one-piece bathing suit! The Amalfi One Piece is a classic fit with thin adjustable straps, a scoop neckline, and medium coverage. 

This is the most versatile swimsuit of all time. It flatters all body types and looks great on women of all ages. Plus-sized women and petite women alike rock this style. It will hug your curves and make you feel confident in your own skin. 

Even younger women will envy your look. Your teenage children, nieces, or other relatives will witness your immaculate summer style and want to snag an Amalfi swimsuit for themselves! 

The classy Amalfi One Piece is a bathing suit with no expiration date. 

3. The Malibu One Piece

For the fun, older, sporty women, the Malibu One Piece was made for you. Thanks to the snap-front neckline, this swimsuit has a choose-your-own-adventure vibe. Keep it buttoned up for a rigorous beach workout, or undo a couple of snaps and tease some cleavage as you lounge around the pool. 

The style is versatile and flatters older women flawlessly. The innovative style has a cool youthfulness while complimenting a mature figure. It takes after the athleisure style that is currently dominating the fashion scene. Rock the swimsuit on the beach, or dress it up with linen pants or a flowy skirt for a summer outing. 

Sporty chic is all the rage these days, and this swimsuit is a great chance for older women to hop on the trend. 

4. The Tulum One Piece

Our bodies change as we age, and let’s face it: our busts might not be as perky as they once were. With the Tulum One Piece, everything will flawlessly stay in place, and its high-quality material will ensure that absolutely nothing sags. 

Just because you are older now doesn’t mean you can’t still have your Baywatch moment. The Tulum One Piece provides maximum support, so feel free to run across the beach in slow motion. Or, if slow-mo jogging isn’t your thing, just lean back in a beach chair and feel good. 

The swimsuit flatters all body types, but you will especially fall in love if you have a larger chest. We know you are always on the prowl for supportive swimwear, and the Tulum One Piece is the real deal. The tight, flexible fabric and the cross-back straps ensure everything is secure and comfortable. 

Active or not, large bust or small, the Tulum One Piece is guaranteed to make older women look and feel stunning this summer. 

5. The Laguna One Piece

The Laguna one-piece swimsuit is another classic style that particularly flatters older women. Andie Swim takes a modern approach to the French maillot bathing suit style with this one-piece. The plunging back adds a flirty flair to the style while paying homage to the vintage style. 

This particular swimsuit is a great choice for tall women. The high leg cut presents a great opportunity to flex those long legs. Don’t feel excluded if you are on the shorter end; the low-cut back combined with the high leg cut will give the illusion of being taller than you actually are. You will feel like a model in this sophisticated bathing suit. 

If you have a fun tropical vacation coming up, this swimsuit is a great versatile pick. Wear it to the beach or on top of jeans for a casual day out. The Laguna One Piece is classy and flattering for older women of all shapes and sizes. 

Two-Piece Swimsuits 

Any of the above one-piece swimsuits flatter older women flawlessly. But if you are older and want to show off a little more skin, look no further! In addition to those fab one-piece bathing suits, we have also compiled a list of our favorite two-piece styles that are perfect for older women. 

Continue to learn about our favorite bikini tops and bottoms to show off at the pool. 

6. The Siren Tank 

The Siren Tank is the best compromise between a one-piece swimsuit and a bikini. Sometimes, you want to show a little extra skin without putting too much on display, and this sleek tankini top is the perfect piece of swimwear to achieve that. 

The flat fabric hugs the skin, providing ample support (a blessing for those with larger busts), and has nearly full coverage. The straps are thick and rectangular, creating a stylish silhouette. Though your torso will have coverage, there is still a playful pop of skin as the midriff is slightly exposed. It creates a playful look. 

Where this swimsuit really shines, however, is in its versatility. It can easily double as a form-fitting tank top and pairs deliciously with skirts, jeans, or flowy pants. That bathing suit fabric will hug and compliment your figure, whether you wear it to the pool or dinner with your family. 

7. The Havana Top

Flex your figure in style with the Havana Top! This swimsuit top is the perfect bikini style for older women; it exposes your torso and has a classy square neckline. The neckline provides great coverage for the bust, with light support, so it is incredibly comfortable, like a second skin. 

It is a top with that sports bra level of comfort with a vintage-inspired style. The square neckline is borrowed from the Victorian Era but with the modern twist of being a bikini top. You will stand out in this mature bikini style. 

The best part about this type is that you do not need to sacrifice comfort for style. Sure, you’ll look fantastic, but you will feel even better. The straps are adjustable, so you can tweak the fit to your liking. The fabric is soft and flexible, perfect for a relaxing day in the sand or some easy swimming. 

You will feel like a beach goddess in this Havana Top, regardless of your size or age.

8. The Santorini Top

You are never too old for a bikini, and if you are looking for something a little more “va va voom,” look no further than the Santorini Top

This top is breezy, flirty, and super flattering. Women with larger chests can elegantly put their assets on display in this fun little top. The adjustable straps make it easy to give your girls a little boost if they need it, and the knot in the front is a delightful detail that ties the whole look together. 

Small busts also look fabulous in this swimsuit because it is truly made for every body. The only criteria for having a “bikini body” is simply having a body, so nobody should feel left out of this gorgeous Santorini Top. You were made for this bikini: tall, short, plus size, petite, busty, or not! 

This top can come together with the right bottoms in a stunning beach resort outfit. You will feel straight out of a Pinterest board if you rock the Santorini Top with a maxi skirt and cute sandals. 

9. The Skirt Bottom

Never overlook the power of a good swimsuit bottom. The bottoms are the key to your beachy look, and the Skirt Bottom is incredibly flattering on all bodies, especially older women. 

The skirt bottom is simultaneously fun, delicate, and dainty all at once. Since it is a skirt, it has slightly more coverage than your average swimsuit bottom but isn’t overly modest. Taking inspiration from the pin-up style of the 1930s, you can pay homage to the fashion trends of days past. 

Pair this skirt with any top and create an entire wardrobe of beach-ready looks. For instance, if you pair the Skirt Bottom with a tankini top, you have a sporty look. You will be ready to play pickleball or hop into the deep end. Combining the skirt with a smaller bikini top, like the previously discussed Santorini Top, makes you feel like a grown-up mermaid. 

There are countless ways to style the skirt bottom, but you will look fabulous as long as you feel confident. 

10. The High-Waisted Bottom 

High-waisted bottoms are universally beloved, which is no exception when it comes to swimsuit bottoms. These swim trousers are flattering, stylish, and, above all else, comfortable. 

Especially as we get older, tummy control becomes more of a priority. High-waisted bottoms are a great way to feel secure in your swimwear. Comfort is the key to confidence, and these bottoms are guaranteed to feel right at home on your skin. 

If you want to show some midriff, these bottoms sit just below the belly button, which is absolutely a possibility. Or, if you enjoy the extra coverage, pair the high-waisted bottoms with a tankini top. You will have that desired coverage without feeling confined to a one-piece bathing suit. 

These bottoms will feel as natural and comfortable as your favorite pair of underwear. You will have no problem wearing them all day long. Maybe when you were younger, you were willing to sacrifice your own comfort for the sake of fashion, but no more! The High-Waisted Bottom guarantees lasting comfort and will make you feel flawless. 

Flattering Swimwear for the Ages 

Oldbeachgoersers in the flattering, fashionable swimwear market can look no further. You always deserve to look chic and feel confident at the beach, and the best way to achieve that feeling is by wearing swimwear that feels authentic to your style and comfortable on your body. 

Our list has a wide range of bathing suits that will look fabulous on you, regardless of your age or size. So, pick up the right swimsuit for you and soak up the sun!


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