This is Sundays with: a brand-new blog installment where we spend a whole day with our Andie team members as they waltz around town in comfort and style with our brand new lounge wear!

9 A.M.: My perfect Sunday morning consists of my go-to coffee and croissant and a run-in with my best friends Bulgari and Van Clef & Arpel on 5th Avenue!

 “Living in the city requires me to be quite active, so I need to be comfortable to enjoy my day truly - this set allows me to be casual yet elevated!”
Michelle standing in front of a store window in a blazer and the Classic Tee and Wide Leg Pants in Black holding a coffee
Black and white photo of Michelle standing in front of a store window. She is wearing a blazer, and the Classic Tee and Wide Leg Pant in Black
Michelle standing on a NYC street

10 a.m.: Pick up my best friend Alfredo and head over to Central Park for a scenic mid-morning stroll with exceptional people-watching.

Michelle, wearing a cap, feeding a golden retriever in Central Park.Michelle walking down the streets of New York CityMichelle walking a golden retriever through the park.

12 P.M.: Hail a cab to run some errands around my neighborhood to ease my Sunday scaries.

Michelle exiting a yellow cab

3 P.M.: Stock up on some fall fruits and veggies at my local farmers market. Apples are my favorite, so I am super excited to kick off the season.

 Michelle walking through a farmers market. She has a bag in her hand and is picking fruits.. There is a red lens flare on the left of the photoA close up image of fruit in an outdoor fruit standMichelle wearing a hat standing outside a restaurant

5 P.M.: Meet up with my best friends for a much-needed dish session while sipping some happy hour cocktails!

“I like that I can style the set to look sporty- or put on some kitten heels and dress it up. It gives me a modern and feminine edge that I can rock all day long (and even wear to bed!).”

 Michelle laughing and sitting at a restaurant table outside enjoying a drink.

Thank you so much for accompanying me on this fine Sunday. I had so much fun bopping around the city with the ease and comfort of my brand-new Andie lounge set. Until next time!
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