This is Sundays with: a brand-new blog installment where we spend a whole day with our Andie team members as they waltz around town in comfort and style with our brand new loungewear!

9 A.M.: I start my morning by reading and drinking a cup of hot coffee on my stoop. Lately, I’ve been reading Justice by Michael J. Sandel.

“I love how soft our lounge set is and I wear the shorts all year round. In winter I add my incredibly soft Yellow 108 Aye Knit Bucket Hat.
Kristina in the Classic Tee and the Shorts in Eclipse, sitting on her stoop ready and drinking a cup of coffee
Kristina looking to the left, laughing with her eyes closed. She is wearing the Classic Tee in Eclipse and a knit Yellow108 Bucket Hat
Kristina looking into the distance, sitting on her stoop with a coffee and a book next to her.

11 A.M.- Grab a quick breakfast at my favorite neighborhood cafe. Their avocado toast is to die for!

“I love that if I'm running to grab coffee in the morning I can run outside with our lounge on and still feel cute.”
Kristina sitting outside and putting on her sunglasses. She's enjoying coffee and wearing the Classic Tee in Eclipse.A close up photo of Kristina sitting outside. Her eyes are cropped our and she's wearing the Classic Tee in EclipseKristina sitting outside enjoying her coffee. She is wearing a leopard print coat, sunglasses and the Classic Tee in Eclipse.

3 P.M.: Hit up the local Tiki Bar to relax and dish with my best friends.

“Sometimes I literally just wear my faux fur coat with our shorts, a tee and Uggs when it's cold outside.”
Black and white photo of the outdoor area of the tiki bar. The roof has fronds on it, and there is a small mask on the bar.
Black and white photo of Kristina entering the tiki bar.
Kristina sitting at the outdoor bar with a drink.

5 P.M.: Stroll back home to feed my cat and prepare for my upcoming work week!

Kristina walking down the street.A photo of Kristina's cat looking at the camera through a door that is ajar.

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