Regardless of your body size, feeling confident and comfortable in swimwear is essential for enjoying those sunny beach days or poolside lounging. Embracing the beauty of all bodies, we believe everyone deserves to find flattering swimwear options that offer that extra boost of confidence. 

We’ve curated the crème de la crème of tummy control swimsuits, featuring bestsellers and must-haves such as strapless bandeaus, chic cover-ups, shapewear-inspired designs, figure-flattering swim bottoms, alluring crisscross styles, high-cut silhouettes, and scoop-neck stunners. 

Get ready to dive into the world of tummy-control swimwear that will make you feel fantastic! Thankfully, we have come equipped with 10 incredible tummy-control slimming swimsuits that will make you feel comfortable, confident, and Instagram-ready. 

Read on and learn all about our favorite slimming swimsuits, and start adding some flattering bathing suits to your wardrobe ASAP!

1. The Jetties One Piece

One-piece swimsuits have the benefit of being inherently tummy-controlled, thanks to the tight yet flexible fabrics that cover the entire torso. That said, you shouldn’t settle for just any old slimming one-piece; instead, you should settle for style. We’re kicking off our list with an Andie Swim fan favorite: the Jetties One Piece

This bathing suit has a lot going on — in the best way possible. Like any other one-piece swimsuit, you have midsection coverage, but there is so much more to fall in love with. 

The scoop back and the crossover straps make this swimsuit a jazzy number that will make you stand out on the beach this summer. Where it keeps your stomach secure, your backside can be the star of the show. 

This is a swimsuit that screams fashion. The previously mentioned crossover style in the back makes a cool, chic look. Plus, the fabric pulls together at the sides and creates a ruched style that looks and feels great, making your figure look snatched,” as the kids call it

With adjustable straps, you are guaranteed great support in your bust, so you don’t have to fret about keeping the girls in place (we’ve all been there). Instead, you can kick back, read a good book in the sunshine, and feel fabulous in your fashionable, slimming, one-piece bathing suit.

2. The Nantucket One Piece

Looking for a swimsuit with tummy control coverage but with a fashion-forward flair? Look no further than the Nantucket One Piece. This gorgeous garment has a classic style that will give you the desired support and slimming effect and complement all body types. 

The one-shoulder strap and the asymmetrical cut of the neckline have the kind of refined chicness that can be hard to find in swimwear. It is simply glamorous. It’s giving Old Hollywood in the way it mimics that of a glitzy old-timey gown. You will feel like Marilyn Monroe, except your red carpet might look more like the commute from the patio to the poolside. 

Did we mention just how sculpting this swimsuit is? That one shoulder strap is thick and holds everything securely so that the rest of the swimsuit can hug your curves in all the right places. We have all felt schlubby in a bathing suit before, but those days are long over, thanks to the Nantucket One Piece. Instead, you will feel slim, comfortable, and, most of all, confident. 

3. The Tulum One Piece

The Tulum One Piece swimsuit is an absolute must for all the beach babes. You will look and feel like a hot lifeguard out of a cheesy 80s movie in this fun getup. With a form-fitting bodice and snazzy cross-back straps, you will look sculpted and feel fabulous. 

This swimsuit provides maximum bust support, so you are guaranteed to feel nice and snug in all the desired places. Such support gives a push-up to your chest, which helps achieve the playful, sporty swimsuit style. Think Baywatch, but more family-friendly. 

We all have different needs, and at Andie Swim, we get that. That is why the Tulum One Piece comes in different variations, so you can have more (or less) coverage without sacrificing the tummy control slimming effect. 

Modesty rocks, which is why we offer a full coverage Tulum One Piece, so you can keep your assets away if that is more your style. Showing a little extra skin also rocks, so we offer a cheeky version of the Tulum One Piece so that you can enjoy the slimming midsection piece while putting your backside on display. 

This swimsuit has a little something for everyone and compliments all body types, so no matter your size, height, or age, grab a Tulum ASAP!

4. The Malibu One Piece

Fit into the athleisure style and feel comfortable in a slimming one-piece swimsuit when you rock the Malibu One Piece swimsuit. The snap-button top and the superb bust support make this bathing suit perfect sporty attire, which is especially great for folks who enjoy getting active on their beach vacations. 

The swimsuit is adjustable to your liking. If you want to embrace the high neck halter neckline, snap the buttons closed all the way to the top. Or, if you prefer a more flirty, playful style, undo the first few buttons to expose your collarbones and a tasteful amount of cleavage. 

The fun pop of skin combined with the slimming tummy control aspect of the one piece is the recipe for summer confidence (and some great pics for the ‘gram). When you opt for the ribbed material, you will have an added texture that hugs your skin and helps provide some tummy control. 

The ribbed texture clings to the midsection, creating a flattering swimsuit option. Your self-confidence is our top priority, and the Malibu One Piece will give you that boost you need to feel your best on your next pool day. 

5. The Siren Tank

One-piece swimsuits provide fool-proof tummy control, but don’t overlook the power of a good tankini top! If stomach coverage and slimming style are your main goals, you might want to steer away from the traditional bikini top, and that is where we come in. The Siren Tank is our go-to favorite slimming swimsuit top; it is a tankini and so much more. 

Every body type looks stunning in this garment. It is designed to look great on all bodies, from plus size to petite and everything in between. Mimicking a form-fitting tank top, the Siren Tank clings to the skin in a flattering way, holding everything in place and providing maximum bust support. 

Ending just below the navel, this top ensures top-tier coverage while still teasing a pop of skin. Paired with the perfect bottoms, you can create a slimming swimsuit masterpiece. 

The best part? Don’t forfeit your sense of fashion to feel good in this tankini. The square neckline is timeless and glamorous, taking inspiration from vintage gowns and corsets. The straps are thick and structured perfectly to match the rectangular shape of the piece. This swimsuit top is cozy, sharp, and slimming — the ideal trifecta. 

6. The Amalfi Dress

Stand out and slim out in style with the Amalfi Dress. This bathing suit is unlike your classic swimwear; instead, it branches out while providing tummy control and elegance. 

Swim dresses are not a new concept, but they are not as common as the one-piece swimsuit or the bikini. It is the unsung hero of the greater swimwear cinematic universe. That said, this swimsuit look deserves much more praise, and you can give it that. 

Versatility is yet another reason why this swim dress is a must. With thin adjustable straps, a built-in bodysuit that keeps you secure, and a scoop neckline, this swimsuit looks like a fun minidress. You will feel just as confident stepping into the pool as you will chilling by the bar in this sleek little number. 

It is simple yet show-stopping. Feel comfortable and confident in your skin as you wear that swimdress on your next beach trip. 

7. The Torquay Rashguard 

Whether you are a beach athlete or a casual poolside lounger, consider adding a rashguard to your swimwear roster. This option is best suited for individuals who embrace modesty, as the swimsuit will cover your entire torso and arms. 

Andie Swim’s Torquay Rashguard is casual and cute. Coming in vibrant colors, the fabric is light and airy but clings to the skin like any other swimsuit, ensuring the desired slimming features are in full effect. Unlike other rashguards that scream “surfing beach athlete,” this rashguard is more refined and resembles more of a laid-back cotton long-sleeve t-shirt. 

Another versatile pick, this article would look great at the pool, in the ocean, or even out for a casual bite to eat. There are countless ways to style the Torquay Rashguard, so get creative!

The best benefit? Sun protection. Be sure to continue applying sunscreen where your skin is exposed, but also relish in the guaranteed extra protection from having your entire midsection and arms covered by the rashguard fabric. Shoulder and back sunburns are torture and can be easily avoided with this magnificent swim top. 

8. The High-Waisted Bottom

Some of us are two-piece girlies through and through, and with the right slimming bottoms, you can still experience the tummy control that comes more naturally from a one-piece swimsuit. The best one for the job is the High-Waisted Bottom

These bottoms are immensely flattering for everyone. As promised, these bottoms are high-waisted, ending just below the belly button and delivering tummy control. 

Whether you opt for the smooth, ribbed, or novelty fabric, the bottoms will cling to your curves, particularly the stomach region, and keep everything smooth and secure. No more fidgeting and fussing with your bottoms to get the desired slimming look; the high-waisted bottom rests comfortably on your hips and easily stays up. 

Like other styles, you can grab cheeky or full-coverage bottoms, depending on how much skin you like to show. Enjoy the retro style and pair it with a playful bikini top. Or, take the modest approach and combine the bottoms with a rashguard. 

However you style it, be ready to sit back and enjoy the confident comfort provided by the High Waisted Bottom. 

9. The Mykonos One Piece

Let’s retrace our steps and consider one more one-piece swimsuit that will provide maximum tummy support while making you look like a snazzy starlet. Of course, we’re referring to the stunning Mykonos One Piece

This plunging swimsuit is to die for, making everyone who wears it the main attraction at the beach. The neckline is low-cut and flirty, with a flattering touch of cleavage that will have you ogling your own reflection. The slight ruching and skin-tight fabric will compliment your figure at every angle and make you forget any preexisting insecurities once you throw it on. 

Curvy gals and thinner women will rejoice at this swimsuit and its fabulous, slimming qualities. Slip on a maxi skirt for your walk to the beach or poolside, and feel the glamor overcome you; it is a wonderful feeling. 

There is nothing like a chic swimsuit to make you feel at home in your own skin, and the Mykonos One Piece is sure to give that gift. 

10. The Skirt Bottom

Before we conclude our list, we would be doing you a massive injustice by excluding the Skirt Bottom. This swimsuit bottom is slimming and darling — the perfect dainty swimsuit bottom. 

This style pairs well with so many swimsuit tops, from classic bikinis to monokinis, so do not be afraid to explore the possibilities. Unlike the typical swimsuit bottom, this one adds so much character to an already dazzling attire. Simple but effective, the skirt elevates your beach attire. Plus, it can even double as a regular mini-skirt! 

And, most of all, you will feel right at home in this skirt bottom. It clings to your waist and bum just right so that everything is held in place without suffocating you or making you readjust throughout the day. Simply throw the skirt on and enjoy the boost of confidence that comes with donning such a cute, cozy swimsuit bottom. 

Tummy Controlled!

Comfort is crucial when it comes to swimwear, and sometimes, the highest priority is tummy control. Any one of the above slimming swimsuits will flatter your figure and make you feel confident and free the next time you hit the beach!


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