Text on the image says "Sleepover with Karen Young, CEO and Found of Oui the People." Below that is a hand written Q and A that says "1. Q: Who is your dream sleepover guest? A: Nicola Vassel or anyone who will wake my 18-month-old so I can sleep in! 2. Q: What is your before bed ritual? A: A hot soak, with BIG MOOD bath soak, followed by the ALL IN ALL Body Balm. 3. Q: When do you feel coziest? A: On Sunday mornings, when I hang out in my lounge set while listening to jazz. 4. Q: Favorite late night craving? A: Tate's chocolate chip cookies!"
Karen wears wears the Classic Tee and Wide Leg Pant in Black for her bedtime routine. Get a similar routine to Karen and add the Cream Body Polish and the Hydrating Body Gloss from OUI the People. Shop more from OUI the People here.