A romantic beach picnic is something that every couple should try at some point. It’s a fun way to step outside the usual dinner date routine and make lasting memories, and a perfect chance to slip into a stunning bathing suit and jump in the ocean with your companion. These five ideas will help you prepare a romantic beach picnic your partner will love. 

1. The Perfect Beach Location

It’s a good idea to scope out your beach spot beforehand to assure everything goes according to plan. Here are a few things to consider.

A Beach With a Bit of Privacy

Find a beach where you can have your own space to enjoy each other’s company. A romantic picnic might not be everything you’d hoped for if it’s interrupted by tons of eager tourists and screaming children. Go to a beach that’s less popular or walk down the beach to find a quieter spot. 

The Time of Day

The time of day will have a lot to say about the activity happening at the beach, the temperature, and the atmosphere. Sunset beach picnics are as good as it gets, especially if you’re on the West Coast. Arrive before the sun goes down to get settled in and enjoy your picnic while the sky changes colors as the sun sets. 

2. The Food and Drink

The best food for picnics is both delicious while at the same time easy to transport. Spaghetti and meatballs are probably not your go-to meal for a beach picnic, but there are plenty of options that will fit the bill. You can go as fancy and gourmet as you want, but for most, simple foods and cute presentations are all you need to make a special memory. 


Sandwiches are a classic picnic food because of their particular balance of deliciousness and portability. Make sandwiches ahead of time, or swing by your partner’s favorite deli and surprise them with their favorite. 

Something fun to do if you’re making your own sandwiches is to make a few different kinds and cut them into triangles. Instead of each person having their own sandwich, it makes an assortment of cute and nostalgic triangles for you to share. 


Salad is another option for your picnic that is both healthy, easy to pack, and will add variation to your meal. Prepackaged salad kits work great, especially the kind that come in individual containers. You can replicate this idea by creating your own salad and dividing it into two containers with lids that double as bowls to eat out of for easy transportation. 


A picnic favorite is an arrangement of cheese, meats, and crackers. It’s a simple and delicious food to snack on that has a fancy element to it despite its simplicity. You can buy a premade platter of charcuterie, but it’s probably cheaper to make your own. Fold up some deli meat, pack a box of crackers, and a couple of different blocks of cheese and you can sample different combinations and decide which ones you like best. 

Fresh Fruits and Veggies

You can’t go wrong with fruits and veggies for a picnic. You can toss baby carrots, bell peppers, and broccoli in a container and eat them with ranch or your favorite hummus. 

Berries and grapes are easy, tasty, and at the same time add to the romantic aesthetic of your picnic. 

You know what kind of fruits and vegetables you like, bring whatever you’re going to enjoy. The point is, they’re a reliable and healthy choice for picnicking. 

Fancy Drinks

Here’s how you can really bougie up your picnic: insist on bringing wine or champagne glasses. If you're in an elegant Andie swimsuit sipping wine on the beach, it’ll be impossible for them to miss the romance of it all. Even if the glasses are plastic they will add an element to your picnic that is unmistakably romantic. 

A bottle of sparkling water, pink lemonade, or sparkling cider are all cute options to fill your glass. Champagne or wine is a classic choice for any romantic meal, picnics included. 


It’s easy to say I love you with something sweet. It can be as simple as picking out their favorite candy or cookies. If you pack it carefully, you can bring a single piece of cake to share which will add to the elegance of your picnic. 

3. The Presentation

The presentation of your picnic is a huge part of what makes it fun and special. These items will help you set up your picnic to look great and have what you need to be comfortable and enjoy the time on the beach with your loved ones. 

Picnic Blanket

A picnic blanket or large quilt is ideal, but beach towels will also work (though those won’t look quite so fancy). 

Something To Sit On

It’s not totally necessary, but pillows or beach chairs might make you more comfortable. 

Cutting Board

A large cutting board gives you a solid surface to put food and drinks on. It also adds an appealing visual element to the center of your picnic. 

Picnic Basket Or Insulated Bag

Pack your food up in a classic picnic basket, or an insulated bag if you’re bringing items that need to stay cool. You can bring both if you have them available and use them for non-food items if you have extra space. 

4. The Ambiance

Romantic meals rely on ambiance to set the mood. There’s already a romantic ambiance at the beach, especially if you’re there during sunrise or sunset, but you can add to it even more with some simple details that your partner will appreciate. The key to adding to the romantic ambiance for your beach picnic is taking elements of a traditional romantic meal and reimagining them to fit the setting. 

Battery Powered Mood Lights

Candles are something that’s commonly used in romantic dinner settings to set the mood, and you can bring this along with you to a beach picnic in the form of battery-powered candles. 

A traditional candle might not be as practical, could be against beach policy, and will probably get blown out by the wind. A battery-lit candle or two is a nice way to replicate a romantic dinner that’s convenient and practical for a beach picnic. 

Fairy lights are a great alternative to a battery-powered candle. They have a similar effect on the mood and add that element of sophistication to the cute photos you take of your beach date. 

Easy Transport Flowers

Flowers are another classic detail to a romantic meal. They look lovely and add to the elegance of any meal. But if you’re already bringing along a whole picnic’s worth of necessities, a bouquet of flowers may not be the most practical to carry or transport without them wilting or getting crushed. 

One simple way to add fresh flowers to the ambiance of your beach picnic is to go for flower petals instead. Transport rose petals in the same bag with the food and spread them over your picnic blanket for a romantic gesture that adds to the ambiance and is sure to make your partner smile.

Another option is to go with artificial flowers. Although they don’t have the delightful scent of fresh flowers, they still do the job of adding a touch of romance to a meal setting. Heck, restaurants use fake flowers all the time. 

Romantic Music

Nothing quite has the power to influence the ambiance of a setting like a soundscape. A beach picnic will already have the relaxing sounds of the waves meeting the shore, but you can add a personal touch to the soundtrack by bringing along a speaker and playing music that fits the mood. 

Play their favorite music, the song from your first dance or wedding video, the soundtrack to your favorite movie, or anything from this list of romantic songs.

5. Activities

Depending on how long you plan on staying at the beach, it may be a good idea to have some other activities planned after you finish your picnic. Here are six activities to do before or after your meal. 

  • Bring your swimsuits along and take a dip before your picnic, or perhaps a romantic moonlit swim. 
  • Go for a classic, long walk along the beach
  • Journal together, answer questions for couples, and take turns sharing. 
  • Make a beach bonfire and snuggle by the fire. 
  • Write or draw your love for one another in the sand. 
  • Collect driftwood, shells, rocks, and sea glass. 

A Romantic Beach Picnic They’ll Never Forget

Once you’ve prepared the picnic, all that’s left is to enjoy the time with your loved one. A romantic beach picnic is really just a cute way to spend time with them, after all.


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