This is Swimspired: A brand new blog segment where we feature women who the Andie Swim team finds both encouraging and uplifting. This month, in honor of Black History Month, we sat down and chatted with Karen Young of Oui The People, Shavaun Christian of Spoken Flames, Chelsea, Danielle and Martina of Textured Waves, and two of our beloved Andie team members to share their stories and answer the riveting question: who inspires you?


Karen, found and CEO of OUI the People wearing the Cherry Red Malibu and smiling in a selfie

Karen, CEO and founder of Oui The People

1. Why did you start OUI the People?

I started OUI the People to be an inclusive perspective on bodycare that addresses targeted concerns like dehydrated skin, keratosis pilaris, and hyperpigmentation with thoughtfully formulated products. Ultimately, we wanted to create an experience where people can feel seen, heard, and appreciated. 

2. Where is your dream vacation destination?

Just one?! I suppose I can pluck the Maldives off my lengthy list.

3. Who is a person that inspires you and why?

I’ve recently spent more time studying the work of James Baldwin and I’m forever struck by his ability to tell the story of today from the seat of the 50’s and onward. 


Shavaun looking to right and touching her ear on a blank background.

Shavaun Christian, CEO and founder of Spoken Flames

1. Why did you start Spoken Flames?

I wanted a more personal sensory experience, so I crafted one with modern wellness in mind.

2. Where is your dream vacation destination?

My dream vacation destination would be to the moon or to Bali. I cherish space, silence and new perspectives. The moon offers that. But I also love nature, the ocean, and adventure, so I think I’d like Bali. Perhaps I’ll get to go to both in my lifetime


Surfers from the Textured Waves surfing collective in the water paddling.

Chelsea, Danielle, Martina, founders of the surf collective Textured Waves

1. Why did you start Textured Waves?

I wanted to invite women of color and other underrepresented demographics into the world of surfing. Through sisterhood, our team seeks to continually strive for the change we want to see in the community we love.

2. Where is your dream vacation destination?

Bali, Indonesia is my favorite place to explore and surf at.

3. Who inspires you and why?

My teammates are constantly inspiring me in and out of work. It’s so lovely being in such close proximity to people who have the same passions and goals as me. 


Kristina wearing the Fiji one piece by the pool. She is smiling and wearing sunglasses

Kristina M, Andie's wonderwoman aka Merchandising and Wholesale Senior Associate

1. What do you love about working at Andie?

I love the people that I get to work with everyday. My manager gives me the freedom to be creative and come up with ideas and let me fly with them. I also love my coworkers. We are all always here to support one another and many of them have become friends and aren’t just coworkers anymore!

2. Where is your dream vacation destination?

Getting to beach hop on the coastlines of East Africa. From the shores of Tanzania, to Seychelles and then going to Madagascar so I can enjoy the beach and a safari.

3. Who is a person that inspires you and why?

Rihanna! Her story of being a small island girl to now being a billionaire with multiple businesses, platinum records and so much success. It’s always inspiring to see someone become successful after coming from a small town. She’s also given back a lot to her community in Barbados which shows that she isn’t selfish and wants others to succeed as well.


A headshot of Lauren on the beach. She is smiling and wearing the Amalfi one piece.

Lauren F, Andie’s Fit Wizard aka Customer Experience Associate

1. What do you love about working at Andie?

The culture at Andie is my favorite thing about working here! Being surrounded by successful women whose goal is to empower other women and embrace all bodies is something I really cherish.

2. Where is your dream vacation destination?

My dream vacation destination is Lake Como! I just feel that yachting in Italy is truly for me!

3. Who is a person that inspires you and why?

I’m always so inspired by Tracee Ellis Ross! She’s so creative and brings her unique energy into everything she does. I hope to embrace and inspire others by showing up as my authentic self the way she does!



Thank you for catching up with us on this segment of Swimspired. You can shop Oui The People and Spoken Flames' products here on our website. Or learn more about Textured Waves here.