Comfort meets style in the world of women’s loungewear, where cozy sets become everyday favorites for women seeking relaxation and fashion-forward looks, whether running errands or watching Netflix. 

Whether you're seeking jogger pants that offer unparalleled comfort, pullover hoodie and sweatshirt combinations that provide cozy warmth, trendy crewneck options that exude effortless coolness, jumpsuits that make a statement, or loungewear sets in shades of blue, brown, cream, and grey, we've got you covered. 

We understand that inclusivity is key, so we've also curated a selection that caters to plus-size ladies. From laid-back henley styles to versatile lounge pants, lounge shorts, and stylish pajama pants, this ultimate guide to the best loungewear sets for women will help you find the perfect match for your relaxation and activewear needs.

Dressing for comfort has never looked so chic and effortless!

What Is the Difference Between Sleepwear and Loungewear?

If you’re new to the wonderful world of loungewear, welcome! You’re going to like it here. Let’s face it: we all got used to being comfy during the work-from-home, lockdown, pandemic days. 

Perhaps it’s of those silver linings that came out of the entire ordeal. One thing is for sure. Loungewear is here to stay!

First and foremost, we’ve got to dispel the misconception that loungewear and sleepwear are the same thing. Sleepwear is what you might imagine as your typical pajama set. You would wear it to bed, you might even wear it to lounge, but you probably wouldn’t wear it to the grocery store or to a friend’s house. In other words, sleepwear is designed with you in mind, to give you a good night’s sleep.

Loungewear, on the other hand, can serve many purposes. Some people like to think of loungewear as casual wear. Our super soft loungewear is absolutely comfortable enough to sleep in, but it’s also stylish enough to run an errand or two in those cozy digs. 

Modern loungewear has an air of sophistication and luxuriousness, and a lot of loungewear is form-fitting enough to wear out while also being loose enough for comfort. More than ever, women worldwide are deciding that comfort is our priority. We can see it in trends like choosing sneakers over stilettos and sweats over skirts.

What Should You Look for in Quality Loungewear?

In choosing the best loungewear to fit your purposes, there are a few things that you are going to want to look for in the perfect set:


When it comes to material, we all have different priorities. For us, it was important to develop an environmentally friendly line that was comfortable and soft. We love materials like our immensely soft Bamboo Jersey. The sustainability can’t be beat; plus, it’s lightweight, durable, and drapes just right to accentuate the body. 


There are endless possibilities when it comes to fit. Some people prefer a more form-fitting style, while others opt for loose, baggy, and casual. 

We’ve got both looks and a lot of different combinations to suit your style. For loungewear, most people like a relaxed fit. For a more tailored look, try pairing a tighter top with a relaxed-fit bottom. 


Obviously, comfort is the number one priority in the land of loungewear! While this means different things to different people, no one can argue the comfort of our loungewear sets. They manage to be super cozy while still looking luxe and sophisticated. 


The tides have turned in regard to style. No more are we seeing those uncomfortable but pretty looks from the early 2000s. Let’s all embrace this trend! 

You don’t have to feel embarrassed about leaving the house in our loungewear. We promise you can still be fashion-forward and embrace your sense of style while rocking some loungewear. Pro tip: Throwing on a pair of delicate gold hoops and a gold chain will elevate your loungewear and make you feel confident!


Feel free to mix and match colors if you like! Our fern-colored scoop tank and black wide-leg pants look fab together. However, if you’re trying to stick to the trends, monochromatic fashion has been totally in lately. 

Go ahead, enrobe yourself in black from head to toe. Stand out in a full white, green, or navy ensemble. Literally, just wear what you like! Our classic colors truly look great with everything and will pair nicely with your accessories. 

You Deserve To Relax

At the end of the day (literally), relaxation is super important.

While having the right loungewear outfit can help you reach your full relaxation potential, we also wanted to share some of the important benefits of relaxation and rest:

  • Soothes Fatigue: Relaxation, as well as limiting caffeine, can help you to get a sound night’s sleep.

  • Support Emotional and Mental Health: Studies have linked chronic stress to negative impacts on mental health. Protect your soul! Give yourself a break.

  • Maintains Healthy Blood Pressure and Heart Rate: When your body relaxes, you are quite literally improving your physical health. Your heart needs rest, too.

  • Maintains Concentration: If stress is getting in the way of your ability to focus, relaxation can be the key to clearing your mind. 

Our Six Top Choices for Loungewear Sets

1. The Classic Tee and The Wide Leg Pant

This might just be our favorite loungewear combo, if only because it is feasible to wear this one out for errand running or, if you're feeling brave, even out to a casual dinner! Our classic tee is one that you might just want to buy in every color. 

It’s fitted enough to dress up with accessories but comfortable enough to sleep in. The best of both worlds! The fabric is our ultra-soft bamboo jersey; you will not believe how butter-soft this shirt is.

Our wide leg pant is also a piece you can dress up if you are so inclined. One of our best sellers, these are as comfy as your old sweatpants, with a more elevated look. With an adjustable, covered elastic, drawstring waist, this is the perfect piece to throw on when you want to feel good. These amazing pants come in six colors, in our waffle fabric or bamboo jersey. After all, life is all about choices, right? Wide-leg, baggy pants are super in right now, so you’ll be right on trend with this lounge set!

2. The Scoop Tank and The Short

Our scoop tank is another wardrobe staple you might end up purchasing in multiple colors. While this loungewear piece is comfy cozy, the fit is perfect to pair under a blazer or cardigan. You could honestly wear this to work without getting a single side eye.

When you get home from the office, just whip off that blazer, take off your bra (yeah, we all do it the second we get home), and throw on a pair of our loungewear shorts for the perfect pairing. Both of these lounge pieces are made with our bamboo jersey fabric and are super comfortable. The shorts also come in the option of waffle fabric if you want it in black. 

3. The Cami With The Short

We can’t say enough about our cami tank top. If a cami isn’t your typical go-to for a tank top, you may want to reconsider and give ours a chance. 

This essential cami comes in our signature waffle fabric and features a scoop neckline. It has the tailored, form-fitting silhouette characteristic of camis, and frankly, it is flattering AF. Most tank tops are either too short or too long, but this one passes the Goldilocks test: it’s just right.

You already know. Our shorts are a must-buy, and they look awesome with our cami tank. We like to mix and match colors with this combo, especially if you opt for bamboo fabric for the shorts and waffle fabric for the cami. Though all the colors are pretty, we are partial to our deep green fern. 

4. The Slip

Though not technically a “set,” we would be remiss not to talk about one of our best-selling loungewear items: The Slip. Another item that comes in our signature waffle woven fabric, the slip is available in Snow and is absolutely gorgeous. 

This ultra-comfortable lounge item skirts the line between sweet and sultry, delicate and divine. It has a V neckline, a slip up the thigh, and it has just the right amount of fittedness. 

You know how secretly you want to come home and put on a muumuu? Is the only thing stopping you the fact that you don’t necessarily want to give off Mrs. Roper vibes? This is your sign to get our slip! You will feel that oft-desired muumuu comfort, but with a hint of sexiness to bring out your inner goddess. 

5. The Sleep Tee

If a slip dress just isn’t your style, we get it. In that case, you absolutely must give our Sleep Tee a try! This beauty comes in our signature waffle fabric in Fern and Snow. 

This stylish short-sleeve T-shirt mini dress features a front bust pocket and a mid-thigh length cut-off. We promise that you will feel great in this piece. Like many of our other loungewear items, this one can be dressed up in public, unlike your husband’s ratty, old XL Journey T-shirt.

Throw on a pair of leggings and some sandals or boots, and you’re ready to run all the errands you need. You could even dress this up with a long necklace and a belt and make this into workwear. And we promise, you’re going to want to! You will never want to take this one off. 

6. The Robe With Just About Anything!

We saved the best for last: The Robe. A good long-sleeved robe is worth spending a little extra on. This wardrobe piece will become a staple in your loungewear collection for years to come. 

When it comes to robes, there are a lot of considerations. You don’t want anything too thick or fleecy, and on the other side, you want a piece with a little weight to it. Our waffle fabric fits the bill.

Many people also don’t like to deal with a full-length robe. As such, the midi length of our robe is just right. It has an adjustable waist and removable tie, so you can customize it as needed. 

If you’re looking for a full outfit that fits the comfort bill, pair our robe with either The Plunge Bralette or the Tank Bralette. Then just add either our shorts or our wide-leg pants. If a dress is more your speed, opt for The Slip or The Sleep Tee. 

Yeah, I get it, you’re thinking. A robe goes with everything. Yes. But there’s just something about having a full matching set of loungewear items that makes crashing on your couch feel a little more luxurious. 


If you’re like us, you’re looking for the perfect combination of comfort and style. And if you are in your loungewear making dinner and suddenly realize you’ve forgotten to get the spaghetti sauce, you want an outfit you can quickly dash to the store in. 

Our loungewear will not disappoint! Embrace the comfort, and look great in our classic color combinations and butter-soft fabrics. Trust us, you will want to buy a few pieces to mix and match. Enjoy your new favorite wardrobe staples and get cozy! 


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