You can elevate your favorite, coziest, most comfortable loungewear for runway looks– and not just the runway that is the hallway in your apartment. We’re talking looks like you just walked straight out of a fashion magazine. 

Loungewear is no longer limited to inside your home or by the side of the pool. American fashion is currently as casual as it’s ever been, and that opens the door for wearing loungewear just about anywhere you want. 

Have you ever worn your loungewear out to lunch? To the beach? Do you dare style it for a night out? These five tips give you the green light to style loungewear how you want and where you want. Comfy with a twist of you go, girl.

The Secret to Styling Loungewear

The secret to styling loungewear is mixing different styles to bring out the defining characteristics in each of them. The word for this is juxtaposition. 

Juxtaposition is something you can find everywhere. A bright moon and stars in a dark night sky, a colorful mural on the wall of a drab concrete building, a grassy park in the middle of the city; these examples show that juxtaposition is both complementary and contrasting.

In fashion, juxtaposition shows up in many forms, but it’s usually present in outfits that feature unexpected combinations. Mixing feminine pieces with masculine pieces is a common one; for example, wearing a pair of leggings, a crop top, and an oversized workwear jacket. Another fashion example might be the juxtaposition between formal and informal. Wearing ripped jeans and a blazer isn’t traditional, but it can still work and create a fashion-forward look. 

What Complements and Contrasts With Loungewear?

This question will lead to stylish combinations that will elevate your loungewear. Remember, juxtaposition both compliments and contrasts. Read on for suggestions on how you can find this balance and wear your favorite loungewear out the door with runway looks. 

Bold Footwear

Bold footwear is a sure way to make your loungewear ready to get up and go. The key to selecting footwear when styling loungewear is to choose shoes that you wouldn't wear around the house. Flip flops or slippers don’t venture away from the leisure vibes, whereas heels, boots, and platform sneakers all elevate the look. 


Heels with wide-leg pants are a trendy look that ladies are pulling off with trousers and jeans, and there’s no reason you can’t do the same with a comfy wide-leg pant from Andie. Try this combination with a cropped or fitted top to balance out the silhouette and the look is complete. 


Loungewear doesn’t usually involve boots, and that’s exactly what makes it a good choice for styling loungewear to create a new and exciting outfit. Combat boots are traditionally worn with a shade of military green, and they work seamlessly with these fern-colored cozy pants as well. From there, throw on a t-shirt and a jacket that works with your boots and you’re good to go. 

Booties are another cute option that is easy to mix in with loungewear. Wear booties with a blouse tucked into a pair of loungy shorts for an outfit that mixes elements of formal with casual. 

Platform Sneakers

Platform sneakers will put a fashion-forward stamp on your loungewear outfit. Bring your loungewear to the next level with the thickest, chunkiest sneakers you can find. They won’t look out of place if you wear them with a head-to-toe loungewear outfit, but at the same time, they offer enough flair to look put together and styled. 

Try this look with The Scoop Tank tied up in the front for a throwback 90s look.

Wear it with shorts and an oversized jacket for a natural laid-back look. 

All Out With Accessories

Lounging at home probably doesn’t include dangle earrings or designer bags, but accessories are a great way to style your loungewear when you want to wear it out. Nothing quite emphasizes that you’re going out like some bling, and minimalistic loungewear is a perfect backdrop to let it shine.


Loungewear and sunglasses are a Hollywood staple. It’s the outfit movie stars always seem to be wearing whenever you see them in paparazzi pictures. You can pull off the same look easily; just wear a head-to-toe lounge fit and throw on some stunner shades. 

Bold Necklace

A bold necklace or two will add some sophistication and elegance to your outfit. Black or ivory makes a great color for your necklace to pop, but any solid color will work. Let your necklace hang along the neckline of a scoop neck tank, or on top of a basic t-shirt. 


Go big or go home! Okay, not really, but if you’re wearing a simple loungewear outfit, you can afford to bring a little attitude with the earrings you wear. Big hoops, dangle earrings, anything fun that will add a little pizzazz to your outfit is what you’re looking for. 

Cute Bag

A handbag is another accessory you can rock with loungewear that you wouldn't typically associate with lounging. A bag is for a woman on the move, and a loungewear-bag combo will get you there in comfort and style. 

Head to Toe Monochrome 

Match the color of your loungewear top and bottom for a monochrome scheme that looks put together and increases the formality of your outfit. A monochromatic color scheme also creates an easy canvas to work with when choosing accessories, outerwear, or footwear. 

Traditional clothing such as dresses and suits are usually coordinated head to toe in the same color. Loungewear may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of traditional clothing. However, the association between a coordinated top and bottom and formal clothing will create a classy look out of your loungewear. 

Head-to-toe ivory screams luxury (especially when you can feel how soft it is). You can further emphasize this with classy footwear and accessories, or use it as a springboard for an entirely new look. 

Choosing a jacket to put on over a coordinated loungewear outfit is fun because you only have one color to match with. Lean into a smart casual look by wearing a blazer over your loungewear fit, or add a bit of edge to the outfit by choosing something denim or leather. More on that in the next section.

Play With Textures

Texture is a fun way to mix up your loungewear outfits and create a fresh look. Remember the tip about juxtaposition here and it’s easy to find combinations that work. 

Loungewear is soft, and if it’s not you’ve got the wrong loungewear — check out Andie’s loungewear collection made from material that is luxuriously soft and environmentally sustainable

Mixing loungewear with fabrics that are a bit more rugged creates a dynamic look. 


Toss on a denim jacket and leather shoes with your loungewear pants and t-shirt and it’s a done deal. You’ve got the soft and relaxed appeal of loungewear balanced with tougher textures, it’s a good example of what style juxtaposition is all about. 

You can, of course, wear your loungewear tops with denim pants or shorts as well. You probably already do this with regular t-shirts and tanks, but your loungewear staples work just as well!


Leather is another contrasting texture that will take your loungewear outfit in a new direction. Mix in a leather jacket with your loungewear pants to marry soft with tough in the same outfit.


Choosing something shiny to wear with your loungewear is another way to mix up the texture. Although shiny clothing may be soft as well, the sheen it has shows a variance in texture that will add sophistication to your look. 

For example: Shiny blouse + tank bralette + wide leg lounge pants + heels + bag.

Another example: Ribbed one piece (worn as a bodysuit) + lounge shorts + sneakers + sunglasses 

Just because it’s out of the box doesn’t mean it’s out of place. There are plenty of ways you can use different textures and materials to dress up your loungewear or create casual looks that show range and style. 

Lounge in Style

We love our loungewear for binge-watching shows and enjoying slow mornings with a cup of coffee and a good book, but it doesn’t end there. By mixing styles with your loungewear staples, you can create fashion-forward looks to wear anywhere you want to go. Use bold footwear, flashy accessories, monochrome colorways, and a variety of textures with your loungewear to create fresh and comfortable looks that are totally you. 


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