Although underwear, women’s underwear, in particular, is used everywhere in media and advertising, most people’s underwear remains unseen. Day after day, year after year it has remained hidden, humbly supporting you from beneath your shirts and pants. But now it’s had enough!

The bralette demands to be seen. And through this article, its voice will be heard.

The bralette is a trend in women's underwear that is comfortable, stylish, and can be worn in a variety of ways. This article offers suggestions on how you can style a bralette to pull off trendy outfits that will feel and look fantastic. 

Brief Bralette Background

A bralette is an undergarment with less structure and usually more comfort than a bra. It is distinguished from a bra by its lack of padded cups and metal underwire that are commonly used in many bra designs. Less structure lends to a more natural feel and shape; many women claim that wearing a bralette feels like you’re not wearing anything at all. 

Another notable thing about the bralette, which should be clear by now, is that for some reason it is more acceptable to reveal a bralette than it is to reveal a traditional bra. There’s no official reason for this, but it’s most likely because many bralettes offer more coverage than your typical bra does. 

With that in mind, the suggestions below use the bralette as a centerpiece or visible detail for the outfit. When broken down, you can wear it under a top, as a top, under a dress, and under a jacket. 

Under a Top

With a Sheer Shirt

A sheer shirt is an edgy way to put your fashion foot forward, and an alluring bralette is what you want to wear underneath. Black on black is an elegant combination. Wear this with black pants and bold footwear for a striking appearance. Or, show your personality with a colored bralette under a white sheer top and a pair of jeans. 

With an Oversized Button Down

The oversized button down is both sophisticated and laid back. A white button down is the standard business shirt; wearing it oversized, untucked, and unbuttoned gives off the impression that you might just be the boss. Wear this over your favorite bralette, fasten as many or as few buttons as you like, and complete the look with some loungewear bottoms and a pair of shades. 

With a Tie Front Blouse

A tie-front blouse is a cute and relaxed piece that works perfectly with a bralette. You can tie it up tightly or loosely, and wear it with high-waisted pants to balance out the proportions of the outfit. Sandals or flats complete the look, add a cute belt to show attention to show your attention to detail. 

With a Tank

A tank top and bralette go hand in hand. They’re both comfy, laid back, and don’t shy away from showing a little skin. Excellent choice for a hot day! A loose-fitting tank is fun to wear with a bralette because their necklines will overlap as you move about and your bralette gets to peek out from underneath. 

With a Loose Knit Sweater

Wearing a loose-knit sweater is just as much about what lies underneath as it is about the sweater — you know people are going to see through, that’s the point. A bralette is a standout option that is both sexy and tasteful. Complete the look with dark wash jeans and boots. 

With an Open Cardigan

Another fantastic bralette/sweater combination is the cardigan. Wear a cropped cardigan with high-waisted jeans and booties or a long and flowy cardigan with leggings and sneakers. 

With a Short-Sleeve Button Down

A short-sleeve button down is not limited to dads on vacation or mechanics drinking beer after work. Wear sandals if your shirt is patterned, or try a denim shirt with loose-fit jeans for a coordinated, workwear-inspired look. 

As a Top

With Cutoffs + Sandals

A simple outfit for a warm day, a tank bralette with cut-offs and sandals. It’s a practical and confident look that keeps you cool and looks cool as well. 

With Joggers + Jewelry

Wearing a bralette with a pair of joggers makes for a leisurely and athletic look. Choose gray joggers and sneakers if you want to lean into the athletic look, or another neutral color with sandals or even heels if you want to spice it up. Either way, add some jewelry to this look to balance the casual look with a bit of flash. 

With a Long Skirt + Long Necklace

Wearing a long skirt with a bralette for a top balances out the proportions nicely for an appealing look with hints of hippie or prairie vibes, (if you choose your skirt accordingly) or a modern elegance of longline skirt. Compliment the flow of your skirt with a long necklace, step into some boots or sandals, and the world is your oyster. 

With Bike Shorts + Sneakers

For a decidedly sporty look without wearing a sports bra, rock a bralette with bike shorts and sneakers. It’s an ideal outfit for warm days running errands or getting a bit of sun with a walk around the neighborhood. 

With Loose Fit Jeans + Bucket Hat

If you’re ready to harness the resurging trends of the early 2000s, wear a colored bralette with loose-fit jeans and a bucket hat. Bonus points if you’ve got some light wash jeans that are from y2k.

Under a Dress

With a Sheer Dress

A bralette is the solution you need for wearing a sheer dress. Just like with see-through tops, it’s an attention-grabbing look, but it can be done so that the elegance comes through above all. Achieve this with the bralette. 

With Black Lace Dress

Black lace is sexy and cultivated. It’s classic and daring at the same time. Wear that stunning dress with a black lace bodice and a black bralette underneath. A pearl necklace will set it off, and you might just feel like royalty. 

Under a Jacket

With a Denim Jacket + Leggings

The denim jacket and leggings combination is the daily uniform of women everywhere. It’s both comfortable and stylish. It balances the soft and stretchy material of the leggings with the structure and ruggedness of a denim jacket. 

Try it a new way by substituting a t-shirt for a bralette, and you’ve got a variation of a modern classic that works any day of the week. 

With a Leather Jacket + Ripped Jeans

Sometimes you just have to bust out the leather jacket for a bold and edgy look. Add to it with ripped jeans and a black bralette. This look is tough, sexy, feminine, and overall badass. That’s what you were going for when reaching for the leather jacket, right?

With a Varsity Jacket + Cutoffs

A varsity jacket is a fun and retro way to add some color to your outfit. Choose an oversized varsity jacket (bonus points if it’s true vintage) and sport it with cutoffs and your bralette for a cute and sporty look. Top it off with a ballcap and it’s’ game over. 

With a Blazer + Smart Pants

For a smart and chic look, put a blazer over a bralette with a pair of smart points and you’ve got the outfit of a woman who is undoubtedly on a mission. Complete the look with heels or booties. Oversized sunglasses are encouraged but optional. 

With Duster + Joggers

Add a long coat over joggers and a bralette to contrast structure with loose and relaxed, and formal with athletic in one simple move that is both bold and fashionable. It’s a trendy look that anyone can pull off, plus you can wear it with any of your favorite sneakers. 

When Underwear Takes the Lead Role

Finally, underwear can be the star of the show somewhere outside of ads and media. And what a better place for it to showcase itself than on you! You are exactly what the bralette needs so it can put itself out there and be known as the hottest trend in women's underwear. 

Each one of these looks encourages you to wear your bralette in a way that communicates your comfort, confidence, and undisputable beauty to the world. Wear your bralette under tops, dresses, and jackets, and try it on its own as a top. There are so many looks you can create around your favorite bralette, go ahead and give it a try!


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