Hidden on the northeastern coast of Jamaica, Port Antonio is a quiet and charming haven. People all over the world visit this beautiful port city for its lush jungles, misty mountains, and exotic beaches. There’s no doubt that this environment evokes a sense of adventure and curiosity – which is why we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate our newest drop, Letters from Jamaica.

Upon landing, we quickly learned about the ecological efforts locals make to protect their beloved Jamaica – from rehabilitation projects to solar-powered businesses. This all married perfectly with Andie’s core values of creating a sustainable swim future.

Want to learn more about this Jamaican paradise? Keep reading and follow Team Andie through Port Antonio. Who knows? You might end up booking a flight there when you’re done.


Boston Beach

We kicked off our Jamaican adventure in Boston Beach, a coastal community in Port Antonio known for its pristine environment and surf-friendly waves. This beach is full of immersive attractions for everyone who sets foot in its soft, white sand – from delicious jerk eats, to refreshing beverages, and handmade swings. We had a blast experimenting with all of these offerings, all while listening to live music from a local DJ named Dwight!

Collage of images of models on the beach in swimsuits, they are red, black, olive and purple swimsuits

Great Huts Resort

Known as “the paradise on edge,” Great Huts Resort is a beachfront eco-resort perched on the Port Antonio cliffs overlooking the Eastern Caribbean. Upon arrival, our expert resort guide Sherieka, walked us through the property and gave us the rundown of its sustainability efforts, including the use of non-toxic cleaning supplies, the all-natural hut architecture, and the plastic water bottle ban. These were one of the many reasons why we picked this place to should our fully eco collection, all made with Eco Nylon! With this in mind, we also wanted to capture the bold-yet-relaxing energy of the resort through unique designs, colors, and patterns.

Collage of images of models on the beach in swimsuits, they are red, blue, olive and purple swimsuits

Monkey Island

After a much-needed break at Great Huts, we sailed over to Pellew Island, also known as Monkey Island – a nickname derived from the imported colony of monkeys that was brought to the island by explorer Hiram Bingham. The island is the perfect place for a laidback hang where you can hide from the bright summer sun, all while getting a nice swim and delicious bite in. If you’re lucky, when the tide is low, it is said you can walk from the coast to Monkey Island due to its highly shallow waters.

Collage of images of models on the beach in swimsuits, they are red, black, olive and purple swimsuits

Blue Lagoon

Just a couple of minutes away from Monkey Island, we stumbled upon the wildly popular travel destination known for its glistening, turquoise waters and lush greenery: The Blue Lagoon. This beautiful work of nature is a beloved Jamaican staple that has made a place for itself in popular culture – hello, Brooke Shields? Team Andie decided to take a dip into the lukewarm water for a refreshing dive like no other.

Collage of images of models on the beach and in a boat in swimsuits, they are red, black, olive and purple swimsuits

Kanopi House 

Our Jamaican excursion concluded at the Kanopi House resort in the Blue Lagoon. Also known as “the ultimate return to nature,” this eco-chic collection of treehouses lives deep in the hillsides bordering the Blue Lagoon. The resort exudes the effortless lifestyle and rich history of its home country, and that’s shown through its many eco-friendly rules and efforts. For example, their treehouses are all made and decorated with locally sourced renewable materials from Jamaican artists. Team Andie grabbed a bite nearby and watched the sunset from this unforgettable location.

Collage of images of the Andie team at dinner in Porto Antonio, they are red, black, olive and purple swimsuits

We appreciate you joining us on our incomparable Jamaican getaway. It’s days like these that not only inspire our mission but also our designs. The Letters from Jamaica suits are both witty yet elegant, and while they came to life in Jamaica, they can be worn anywhere.