Bestie, it’s time we had a chat. If you’re here, it’s because you’re looking for bathing suits that will flatter your apple-shaped body. 

Maybe you’ve tried on a bunch of bathing suits, only to wind up disappointed in the end. We are here to help! Your search ends here. 

Shopping for bathing suits can be a bit confusing when you consider yourself an “apple.” What bathing suit tops will best flatter your shape? What will you feel comfortable in? Can you get away with wearing a bikini? Don’t stress. We’ve got you! 

First of all, the most important thing you need to know about “flattering” bathing suits, is that anyone can wear anything. The prettiest thing a woman can wear is her confidence. That said, if you don’t feel comfortable in what you’re wearing, it’s hard to feel that confidence and to make it shine. 

We will break down some of our carefully selected swimsuit picks that will flatter your curves and inspire you to flaunt what you’ve got on the beach during your upcoming vacay. Let’s go, Queen!

What Does an Apple-Shaped Body Look Like?

Simply put, those with an apple shape, known as an “android” in the scientific and medical community, have most of their fat stored around the midsection. In this body type, there is often less fat around the thighs and the buttocks. 

On the other end of the spectrum, pear-shaped women, or “gyroids,” store more fat in their lower bodies and less around their midsections. 

One body type is not any better than any other. It all depends on what you love about yourself, what you want to accentuate, and what you want to keep a little more under wraps. 

What Are the Strengths of an Apple-Shaped Body?

All bodies are beautiful, obvi, but the apple body shape has some specific strengths that you will want to play to when you are shopping to fit your body type. Firstly and most importantly, apple shapes are Curvy with a capital C! Embrace it, curvy girlies! 

Apple shapes also tend to have larger busts. While this can sometimes be cumbersome, it’s also definitely a benefit. Let’s face it: exposing just a little bit of that cleavage is undeniably sexy! 

An apple shape is probably not going to have six-pack abs, but frankly, who cares? We are in our eating-pizza-when-we-want-it era, and you should be, too! There’s something to be said for a little feminine softness, wherever you’ve got it. 

What Should You Focus on When Searching for a Swimsuit To Flatter an Apple Shape?

The focus for apple shapes depends on what you desire in a suit. You may feel no need whatsoever to cover up or conceal your midsection. If so, that’s awesome! 

If, however, you want to minimize that area, we’ve got some tips that might help.

  • Create Balance: To take the emphasis away from the midsection and create a balanced look, draw the eye to the bottom half of the body.

  • Cinch the Waist: Women with an apple shape sometimes lack a defined waistline. You can create it by finding bathing suits that create the illusion of a waistline with certain details.

  • Lengthen: Create the illusion of height! To make you look taller, you need a suit that makes your legs look longer. 

What Are the Best One-Piece Swimsuits for an Apple Shape?

Keeping all of this in mind, we have some great one-piece swimsuits that perfectly flatter the apple-shaped body. 

Here are some of our favorite picks for one-piece suits:

1. The Porto

We think you can break the rules and wear white whenever you want to, before or after Labor Day! Break all the rules with our Porto suit

This gorgeous white swimsuit has a little rosette detail and a subtle belt that really defines the waist without being super obvious about it. Most importantly, it’s adorable.

2. The Cove

If you’re looking for a swimsuit that will cinch that waist like no other, this is your girl! The Cove is perfect for leading the eye exactly where you want it to go. 

She’s got slim, adjustable straps that will offer the bust support you need without looking matronly. The V-neck also accentuates your *ahem* best assets, and the contrast piping along the waistline creates the definition you’ve been craving. This one is a must-try!

3. The Malibu

Once you try it on, this swimsuit will live in your head rent-free. We just cannot get over our Malibu one-piece. One of our best sellers, the Malibu comes in 10 (yes, TEN!) colors and your choice of smooth or ribbed fabric. 

The unique snap front neckline lets you choose your level of coverage, and that detail also creates visual interest that can distract from the midsection, if that’s your goal. This is also one of our most supportive suits for our ladies with larger busts. You’ve gotta try this one! 

What Are the Best Two-Piece Swimsuits for an Apple Shape?

If you’ve been counting out the two-piece options, we implore you to reconsider, and we have some choices that will change your mind. Remember: if your body is on the beach, it’s a beach body, babe! 

Check out these separates that will make you feel amazing.

1. The Barbados Two-Piece

Our Barbados suit is super pretty and classic while also remaining on trend. While both pieces of this suit are easy to wear and flattering for all body types, it’s the bottoms that are the star of this show. 

The ruched waistline and crisscross detailing add definition to the waist, while the slightly higher rise serves to cover up any of that cute little belly you might want to keep under wraps. 

2. The Siren Tank

If you’re looking for a two-piece swimsuit with a little more coverage than the average, this is a suit you want to check out. The Siren tank is a tankin but reimagined to fit today’s modern fashion. 

Tankinis get a bad rap for being matronly or a little frumpy. This is NOT the case with the siren tank! The wide straps and square neckline are both cute and supportive. 

3. High-Waisted Bottoms

Luckily for those of us who have a little extra love in our love handles, high-waisted bathing suit bottoms are totally in style! The best part about these simple bathing suit bottoms is that they pair beautifully with just about any of the tops in our collection. 

What Are the Best Cover-Ups For an Apple Shape?

First of all, no one needs to cover up, but if you like to, we have some cover-ups that will work especially well for the apple-shaped ladies. 

1. The Flores Sarong

We consider this the perfect cover-up for apple-shaped women. Some women who hold a little extra weight in their midsection have a tendency to try to cover the stomach, but this is actually counterproductive. 

Instead, use a cover-up like a sarong to create balance between your upper and lower body. Adding this cute little tie-side sarong to your look will be the perfect way to achieve the look you want. The sheer gauzy fabric is perfect for the beach!

2. The Maya Sarong

Our Maya sarong will do all the same things for your perfect beach silhouette as the Flores sarong. The main difference between the two is in the fabric. The Maya comes in a gorgeous gold-stripe fabric. 

It’s comprised primarily of nylon and spandex, which makes it super stretchy and forgiving. It’s also slinky, soft, and comfortable. 

3. The Frades Mini Dress

If you are a person who prefers a full-body cover-up, we recommend the Frades Mini Dress. It comes in three colors (we are partial to the powder blue “Mist” hue), has a v-neckline to draw the eye upward, and comes in the softest gauze fabric you can imagine. This one can take you from the beach to the boardwalk in style! 


No matter what suit you choose, know that you are a beach goddess who can flaunt what she’s got and do it with style! From one pieces, to bikinis, to cover-ups, there are so many choices that it can be almost intimidating. 

Thanks for checking out the carefully curated styles on this list. Do you have a favorite here? If not, feel free to explore our whole collection and find something that’s perfect for you. Happy shopping! 


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