Congratulations, new mama or mama-to-be! You’ve either just brought a tiny human into the world, or you will be doing so in the very near future. Whether you’re coping with your changing body, recovering from a C-section, or simply adjusting to your new postpartum lifestyle, we know this can be an exciting but challenging time.

Fear not! We’re here to help you find the perfect swimsuit to make you feel confident and comfortable as you navigate this new chapter. 

What Is Maternity and Postpartum Swimwear?

Ah, the wild, wacky world of maternity and postpartum swimwear, where comfort, functionality, style, and a whole lot of very stretchy fabric collide. As if growing a tiny human wasn’t enough of a feat, now you’ve got to figure out how to keep your ever-changing body covered and supported while you splash around in the water. 

Maternity and postpartum swimwear is here to save the day (and, hopefully, your dignity). We’re not going to sugarcoat it and talk about how this time is magical, and you’re glowing, and you should be happy to gain weight for your baby. 

It’s not that simple, and most of us are not super-pumped about seeing extra pounds every time we step on the scale, even though we logically know it serves a purpose. Rather than spout euphemisms at you, we will simply say this: we know it’s not easy. 

In this article, we will share with you some of the key features of postpartum and maternity swimwear that you’ll want to look out for. These specially designed suits are crafted with the unique needs of pregnant and postpartum bodies in mind, offering features like uber-stretchy waistbands, extra bust support, and strategic ruching and patterns to help you feel comfortable no matter what stage of the journey you’re in. 

Maternity and postpartum swimsuits typically serve two purposes: To offer enough coverage and support that you feel comfortable in your skin and to evolve with you, growing, stretching, and shrinking as your body changes. 

How To Embrace Your New Body

Let’s start with the obvious. You and your body have been through a lot! It might sound cliche, but those stretch marks, the little bit of extra padding that once wasn’t there, and the scars are all badges of honor, mama. And we think they’re beautiful.

We’ve decided that the year 2024 is going to be the year that we ditch the idea of “bouncing back.” If you find your way back to your pre-kids body, we love that for you! 

But truth be told, most women find that things are just a little bit different after going through pregnancy. Even if you get back to your pre-pregnancy weight, you might find that your hips are a little wider, your thighs a little thicker, and even your feet a bit larger (yeah, that’s something they don’t tell you about!).

As you stand here on the precipice of a huge life change, consider the good news: You have a chance to do some shopping! Look at it from that positive angle, and remember that you might never be the same again…and that’s a good thing! 

Let’s focus on finding you a swimsuit that celebrates your curves and makes you feel like the mother goddess you are. 

Our Top Maternity and Postpartum One-Piece Swimsuits

The Malibu

Our best-selling Malibu is one of our top choices for maternity and postpartum, and with good reason! What we love most about this suit is its versatility. The snap-front neckline adds to the suit’s sporty, chic appearance, while its compressive fabric will make you feel secure and supported, no matter how squishy you may be feeling.

Removable cups change up the level of support, allowing you to get the tailored fit you need if you are fluctuating in size. Bonus: The snap-front neckline also makes breastfeeding a breeze! 

The Laguna

For those who love a classic one-piece, The Laguna is a great choice. It has adjustable straps, which help with bust support and make breastfeeding easier for those who need it. Practicality aside, it comes in both classic solids and pretty prints.

What we really love about the Laguna is its low back, which adds a hint of sexiness when you may be feeling a little less than sexy. If you’re in your postpartum era, you might not yet be ready to rock a bikini, but you can definitely still show a little skin and feel great about yourself. 

Style aficionados recommend The Laguna as a great bodysuit to wear under a pair of jeans if you’re looking for a cute outfit for your first date night out after baby! Layer it under a flowy long-sleeve button-up, and you’ve got a great outfit. 

The Augusta

We love this suit for all the same reasons we love The Malibu: Classic colors, snap front neckline, chic sporty look, and easy access to the “girls” if you need to breastfeed. 

There are a few key differences between The Augusta and The Malibu, though. Those who prefer a little more coverage will love The Augusta! She’s got a scoop neckline, short sleeves as opposed to the typical tank top straps of your average one-piece, and full-bottom coverage. 

Stylistically, The Augusta has a keyhole back detail that adds sexy visual interest to your swimsuit game. For those mamas-to-be searching for a suit with great stretch, look no further! Our eco-nylon fabric has all the stretchiness you need. 

Pro tip: for those who need a suit to work with their growing third-trimester bodies, try getting one of our “long torso” versions of our one-pieces for a little extra breathing room. 

The Bonita

Our Bonita one-piece is another fan favorite. People love this suit for its full-bottom coverage, medium bust support, and compressive fabric. 

The removable soft cups add to the versatility and customizability of the suit. The Bonita’s deep V-neck is ideal for those who need to breastfeed, and the wide straps are ultra-supportive for the changes your bust goes through during pregnancy. 

In terms of comfort, The Bonita comes in our super soft, ecologically friendly, ribbed eco-nylon fabric. The simple lines of this classic one-piece will make you feel sleek and sexy while having enough coverage to keep you feeling comfortable in your own skin. 

Our Top Maternity and Postpartum Two-Piece Swimsuits

Becoming a mom doesn’t mean you automatically have to ditch your bikinis. Quite the contrary! We love to see a bare bump strutting down the beach. 

If you’ve already had your babies and you’re feeling a little self-conscious about your postpartum bod, no need. We know you might not be feeling like yourself just yet, but a little outdoor time, some sunshiney vitamin D, and a brand-new bathing suit will do wonders for your outlook. 

The Valencia Top

If you secretly miss the triangle-top string bikinis of your youth but don’t miss the way they fit, you’ve come to the right place. Our Valencia Top offers the look of a triangle top without the inherent risk of a wardrobe malfunction! 

We love the supportiveness of the adjustable straps. This is a bathing suit that supports you like your favorite bra. The criss-cross back detail is adorable, and the fit of this top makes breastfeeding easy. 

What's more, it comes in 10 different colors, including a pastel lavender that is our absolute fave. Don’t think you can rock this suit? Yes, you can. 

High-Waisted Bottom

Speaking of the most gorgeous shade of lavender you’ve ever seen, The Valencia top pairs beautifully with our high-waisted bottom, which is available in lavender, along with 13 other shades. 

Mamas in the know understand that the postpartum body is not just about weight gain. Things are just a little…different after a baby. While a low-cut waist used to work for you, you might be feeling like you need a little more coverage now. 

Of course, the same holds true for the pregnant mama-to-be. Find the comfort, coverage, and compression you need in our high-waisted bottoms. 

The Baja Top

The Baja top is the perfect choice for those who still want to rock a two-piece but might not be feeling a full-on bikini situation just yet. This halter-top tankini features demure tummy coverage while still offering the sexiness of an open back. 

The tie-neck of the halter means you can easily take the straps down for easy feeding access. This one has lighter bust support, so it will work best for women with smaller chests. 

The Super High-Waisted Bottom

If “high-waisted” simply isn’t high enough for you, welcome to our Super Highwaist Bottom. These bathing suit bottoms are absolutely perfect for C-section mamas or anyone who simply wants more midsection coverage. 

The super high waist is very flattering and super comfortable and it hits just the right spot above the belly button. 

Favorite Cover-Ups for Beach or Pool

Now, we’re not saying you have to, but if you want to cover up while at the beach, we’ve got some recommendations for the pregnant ladies at the party and the postpartum mamas out there. 

The Corvo

The Corvo coverup is one of our best sellers. Made of sleek rayon fabric, the Corvo Button-Up is simple, elegant, and super flattering. 

We think it’s perfect because you can wear it buttoned up (probably in your first, maybe in your second trimester), cinched, or completely open (when you are in that 8th and 9th month, just willing that baby to vacate your uterus). 

The Eva Maxi

This simply adorable maxi dress is a summer must-have, pregnant or not! If you didn’t already know, the empire waist is a pregnant lady’s best friend. 

Because the waistband sits right at the rib cage underneath the bust, it’s perfect for accommodating a growing belly. As far as postpartum bodies are concerned, this dress is flowy, flattering, and forgiving. 

What we might just love most about The Eva, though, is that it can double as a summery dress and a beautiful beach coverup. Add a few accessories to dress it up for a night on the town — if you can find a babysitter, that is! 

The Flores Sarong

The Flores sarong might just be our most versatile coverup. Because of its tie side, it can be adjusted to fit almost any body. This makes it ideal for growing bodies and bodies that are in the process of evolving. 

It’s the perfect complement to one-piece and two-piece bathing suits alike and will go well with just about any bathing suit in your closet. 


While society may have you thinking that you have to look a certain way to be sexy in a bathing suit, we are here to tell you that every body is a beach body. Pregnancy is a special time in a woman’s life, and we want you to celebrate it in every way possible. 

That includes fun beach trips and lounging by the pool. As for the postpartum moms out there, we know how hard it is to raise a newborn baby. Swimsuit shopping shouldn’t add to your challenges. 

Hopefully, you find something you absolutely love on this list, and you rock that mom bod with pride on the beach! Happy shopping, and don’t forget the sunscreen!


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