Many of us find ourselves on an ongoing quest to find the perfect undergarment. We’re looking for something that’s comfortable and cute. Something that’s supportive without being restrictive. 

Fortunately, Andie Swim has created the solution that women everywhere have been looking for. It’s the ultimate bralette. Offering unprecedented comfort, sleek and sexy style, the perfect fit, and the support you need, the bralettes from Andie are everything you’re looking for in an undergarment. And they come in plus sizes.

Is it possible that your quest has finally come to an end? Imagine all you could accomplish with the time and effort you previously spent searching for the perfect bralette. It’s here, it’s real, and it’s a perfect fit. 

If it sounds too good to be true, just read on for ten reasons why Andie makes the best plus-size bralette.

Unmatched Comfort

When it comes to underwear of any kind, comfort is at a premium. Uncomfortable underwear is a certain way to put a dampener on your day. It’s nagging, annoying, and won’t leave you alone. It’s like a persistent fly that follows you around, buzzing in your ear wherever you go. 

On the other hand, putting on one of Andie’s bralettes will set you up for a day of uninterrupted comfort, so you can feel your best and be your best from sun up till sundown. 

No Underwire, No Cups

No underwire means comfy underwear. Sure, at times you might want something with a bit more structure and form, but whenever you want to keep it laid back and relaxed, you can’t choose a more comfortable undergarment than a bralette. Something about metal wires running along your chest just doesn’t quite fit into the idea of maximum comfort. 

And there are no cups involved either. This means your boobs won’t feel smothered, suffocated, smashed down, or constricted. Aside from being uncomfortable, there are several concerns that come with wearing tight bras.

Adjustment Free

There’s nothing worse than underwear you’re constantly having to adjust this way and that. Straightening out your bra and picking wedgies is necessary at times, we’ve all been there, but it never really feels particularly cute. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about those adjustments with Andie’s bralettes. They feel great straight away, before you even put it on. The material, which we’ll discuss in detail a little later, is absolutely premium. 

Once you put it on you realize it fits like no underwear you’ve ever worn before, like it’s custom made by the hands of a mystical brassiere goddess to fit your chest perfectly. 

Layer Under Your Tee’s Without a Fuss

No wires or cups leave a low profile undergarment that won’t show underneath your tee shirts that sometimes happens with bulkier garments. Bralettes from Andie are also made from smooth materials and designs without any unnecessary embellishments that show underneath your shirts as well. 

Let what’s minimal be minimal, and Andie executes that to perfection with their line of bralettes. They have everything you’re looking for, nothing more, nothing less. 


Support can be hard to come by when it comes to bralettes. Without an underwire or cups to hold the girls in place, many bralettes just don’t cut it when it comes to the support you need. This is especially true for women with larger chests. 

But that’s a huge reason why Andie makes the best plus-size bralette — you’re still getting support while enjoying the laid-back comfort that makes all the difference. Admittedly, it might not be the kind of support you’d want if you were attempting a world record pogo stick run. However, for your usual day-to-day activities, it really is a remarkable combination of comfort and support. 

Doubles as a Top

The Tank Bralette by Andie can be worn by itself. It’s a bralette, sure, but it becomes a cute, cropped tank if you’re looking to get a little sun on a hot day. You wouldn’t guess that it’s underwear either. It has a seamless and strapless design that is streamlined and sleek to wear as a fashion forward top. 

Fantastic Fit

A correctly fitting bra is important not only for comfort but for the health of your breasts as well. Andie has you covered with a carefully designed and tested fit that executes what others can only claim. 

But there’s another piece to the perfect fit that sets Andie miles above. We have a team of Fit Experts dedicated to helping you find the exact fit you’re looking for. Take a quiz to find out what size is right for you, or schedule a consultation with a fit expert to answer all your questions and ensure that you’re getting everything you need. 

Just Your Color

Black and blush are two essential colors that have you covered for any need. They’re classic, reliable, and dependable as bra colors for any occasion. Andie offers their plus-size bralettes in black and blush because we know and represent what classic, reliable, and dependable is all about. 

In addition, there are seven other limited edition colors to choose from. The collection of limited edition colors is unique in that they are all colors you’d find in nature. Choose between colors that compliment your natural beauty and agree with your mood. From the sweet color of apricot to the majestic shade of fern, you can be sure that Andie’s bralette comes in your color. 

But remember, the seven of the nine color options are limited edition! This means they won’t be around forever, so act fast and grab the colors that catch your eye. 

Cute Designs

Andie offers plus size bralettes in two different designs, both of which are super comfortable and cute. The models are both made from the same luxury material and are offered in the same essential colors, but they each shine in their own right when you look at what sets them apart. 

The Tank Bralette 

The Tank Bralette is a completely seamless design with a scoop neck. The look is equally sexy as it is sporty and works just as well as a top as it does underneath. An undergarment that doubles as a tank top? Add versatility to the list of what makes this bralette amazing. 

The Plunge Bralette

The Plunge Bralette is a classic triangle bralette with fully adjustable, and crossable straps. The cut is flattering for any body type and perfect for wearing tank tops and dresses during the summer. With an elegant design, custom-tailored fit, and ultra-soft material, you can wear it to bed or out the door and you’ll hardly notice you’re wearing anything at all. 

Perfect Pairs

The game changes once you start wearing and enjoying your Andie bralette. You’ll start questioning why other clothing isn’t as comfortable… If only there was matching underwear to go along with your bralette… 

As it turns out: peanut butter has jelly, Batman has Robin, and Andie bralettes have matching underwear to create an unparalleled one-two punch. Brief, bikini, or thong, Andie has the perfect underwear to compliment your favorite bralette. Wear them together and you might actually start levitating from next-level comfort. 

Soft, Luxurious Material

The fabric on Andie bralettes is next level soft. It mostly consists of rayon, a synthetic fabric made from natural materials. It was originally made as a substitute for silk, which should give you an idea of how soft it is if you’re not already familiar. 

In addition to the soft touch, it’s also moisture-wicking and breathable, meaning that you’ll stay cool and dry even when the weather isn’t. 

People Love Wearing Them

Despite this list of ten reasons why Andie Swim makes the best plus-size bralette, you can only fully appreciate it by trying it for yourself. Tons of people have tried and loved the Andie bralette. 

Pattie A. Says:

Purchased size L and the fit is perfect. Dare I say looks cute too?? This is the bra/bralette I have been searching for. No uni-boob. Breathable cotton that doesn’t make me sweat. I want to wear this with everything. The Blush color is a good neutral color under a white shirt.

Joni S. Says:

I want this in every color. The perfect balance of comfort and support. Also, it holds its shape after washing. It's so comfortable that I forget I'm wearing it.

Get yours today and join the comfy club! 

The Bralette You Won’t Forget

It really will become your favorite thing to wear. You’ll love it, and it will love you back by offering you comfort and support the way you need it. It’s a no-nonsense bralette with a guaranteed perfect fit that you simply must try for yourself. 


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