It’s not easy picking the perfect swimsuit. It gets even trickier when you factor in your body type and what style of suit will look best. 

We’ve got a little secret we need to let you in on: You look amazing. You already have a beach body. You guessed it: that’s a body that can go to the beach! Still, we get it. 

We understand the struggles: one-pieces that are too tight on the bottom and too loose on the top, bikini bottoms that make your bottom half look even larger, and bikini tops that gap at the cups. It’s not easy! 

You know that you can slay in whatever swimsuit you want, but if you’re looking specifically for styles that are going to complement your pear-shaped body, look no further! We want to empower you to feel good in your skin and have a positive body image that you carry with you no matter what suit you wear. 

As a wise man once said, “Fat-bottomed girls, you make the rocking world go round.” But hey, you already knew that. 

What Is a Pear-Shaped Body?

The pear-shaped body goes by other names: The Endomorph, The Triangle, The A-Frame, The Gyroid — but we prefer to think of you as a gorgeous goddess. A pear shape is simply a person who tends to carry more weight in their hips, thighs, and buttocks than around their waist.

This explanation makes sense when you consider nicknames like “A-Frame” and “Triangle.” This is not an uncommon body type. Approximately 20% of the population considers themselves pear-shaped. 

Some women dislike the moniker of the Pear and mourn the process of buying jeans. The slim waist/thick thighs dilemma can make clothes shopping difficult! However, the pear shape comes with some benefits. 

What Are Some of the Benefits of a Pear Shape?

Those who consider themselves pear-shaped may enjoy some health benefits as a part of their body type. This body type is also known as the “Endomorph” type. Honestly, to be an endomorph is both a blessing and a curse. 

Endomorphs tend to put on weight easily (not always a desired trait) and tend to have more body fat and muscle than some other body types. Though endomorphs can find it difficult to lose weight, there is another side to this coin! 

Pear-shaped endomorphs tend to live longer than their differently-shaped counterparts. In general, people who hold their weight in their hips and thighs have a lower incidence of health problems such as heart disease than those who tend to have more belly fat. 

Have you ever heard the saying, “Thick thighs save lives”? What sounds like a cheeky little saying actually has some teeth. Scientists did a 12-year study on both men and women and found that those with thighs that measured 24.5 inches or more in circumference were less likely to have heart disease and other problems than those with slimmer thighs. 

Who knew? Embrace those curves, my friends! 

How Can You Choose the Best Swimsuit for a Pear Body Type?

When picking your bathing suit, you should keep in mind one important rule: There are no rules! Gone are the days of needing to stay away from certain patterns, materials, or details. You can wear whatever your heart desires, bestie!

Now that you have our express permission to break all the rules, if you still want to minimize your thigh and hip area, there are a few tips and tricks that can help you to appear a little slimmer in the hip area. 

Here are a few of our ideas:

  • Try to draw attention to your waistline
  • Avoid wearing items that bring attention to the hips and thighs
  • Layer a cover-up over your suit
  • Choose styles with a high waist
  • Go for less coverage on the bottom — it’s counterintuitive, but bottoms like boyshorts can actually add volume to your lower half
  • Buy separates so that you can mix and match sizes
  • Go for wide straps rather than thin straps to balance out the lower and upper body

What Are the Best One-Piece Swimsuits for a Pear Shape?

Let’s get into our favorite choices for bathing suits! We have a few one-pieces that we absolutely love for our pear-shaped ladies.

1. The Tulum

Our Tulum one-piece is one of our best-selling bathing suits. We love this one for the pear-shaped ladies because of the criss-cross straps in the back and the high cut on the thigh line. 

The straps draw the eye upward, creating visual appeal in the upper half of the body. The higher leg cut creates the illusion of longer legs, serving to slim down the thighs. 

2. The Mykonos

We can’t get enough of this suit! To be honest, this suit looks pretty killer on everyone, but we especially love it for the pear shape. 

The thick straps and deep v-neck draw the eye upward, and the waist is well-defined by a wide belt detail in the middle. We are partial to the cherry red color, but you have five others to choose from!

3. The Lucia

What makes this suit super unique — and perfect for a pear shape — is the cutouts on the side. The Lucia One Piece features criss-crossing cutouts on the side, which creates visual interest that elongates the torso and balances out the lower and upper body. It provides great coverage while maintaining pro-level sexiness! 

What Are the Best Bikinis for a Pear Shape?

For those who prefer a two-piece bathing suit, we’ve got you covered there, too. Here are some great choices for the ladies with a little extra junk in the trunk!

1. The Cheeky Bottom

Hear us out: You might not think that anything called “cheeky” is going to work for you, but the truth is that most of the time, having more material and coverage means having more attention drawn to your lower body. 

You might want to consider the fact that the very parts of you you want to cover might just be your best assets. The cheeky bottom has a high-cut leg, which will elongate your leg line and make you look like the goddess that you are.

2. The Santorini Top

When it comes to bathing suit tops, the name of the game is details. When you want to draw attention away from your lower half, choose a bathing suit top that has detailing to distract. 

Ten years ago, we might have said to pick a suit with ruffles or beading on the top, but that’s not exactly on trend at the moment. Instead, opt for subtle details like the knot front and plunging neckline on this adorable bathing suit top. You’re gonna love the way you look in our Santorini!

3. The Molokai Top 

We love this top for just about anyone. It’s absolutely adorable! What makes it perfect for pear-shaped ladies is the detailing of the flower print on our Embroidered Navy color option.

The sweet, delicate flowers are ultra-feminine and pull attention from the lower body. We also love the Butterfly fabric option for this bikini, and one neat trick that will balance out the upper and lower body is to pair a print on top with a solid on the bottom. 

What Are the Best Cover-Ups for a Pear Shape?

1. The Roatan Midi Dress

You might raise an eyebrow at this one because it is technically a dress. Let's call it cover-up adjacent! Our Roatan Midi Dress is so cute and perfect for the pear-shaped body that we just couldn’t leave it off the list. 

From the high, square neckline to the cotton eyelet fabric and adjustable tie-back straps, everything about this is just perfect. You will want to give this one a try! 

2. The Corvo Button-Up

You will love the waist definition, soft gauzy fabric, and carefree vibes of our Corvo Button Up. The tie waist is defining and slimming, and the hem that cuts right at mid-thigh is ultra-flattering. 

Tie it up for a more tailored look, or leave the tie open for a more relaxed feel. Either way, this is arguably the perfect cover-up. 


Heading to the beach this summer doesn’t have to be stressful. Pick out the best suit for you and your body shape with ease! Think about getting a suit with thick shoulder straps, detailing in the upper half to draw the eye upward, and (contrary to popular belief) choosing a suit with a higher leg cut and a little less coverage. 

Strut your stuff by the pool on your next vacay!


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