Do you have an upcoming beach trip? Make the most of your fun in the sun by utilizing some life-changing beach hacks: Read on below to learn all of the best tips and tricks to ensure you have the best beach day ever

1. Baby Powder To Get Sand Off of Skin

You might love the beach, but that doesn’t mean you necessarily want to bring the beach home with you. Of course, we are referring to the clumps of sand that stick to your arms and legs. You don’t have to worry about finding sand particles in your car and home for days on end anymore when you bring baby powder to the beach with you.

Baby powder absorbs all the excess moisture off of your feet and legs and makes it so easy to wipe off any sand residue. All you need to do is dust a little bit of the powder on those pesky spots and, within moments, wipe off all the extra sand with ease. This is especially handy with toddlers who like to rub sand everywhere but, for some reason, do not like anyone rubbing it off.

2. Bring a Yoga Mat To Lay On

Beach towels are great to lay on until you come back from a dip in the ocean with your Andie swimsuit drenched in that fresh salt water, as your towel absorbs every bit of moisture and is no longer the cozy, beachy bed that you crave. Say goodbye to damp beach towels and weird makeshift beds when you bring a yoga mat to the beach with you. 

Yoga mats are plush and comfortable and are made from water-resistant materials, which makes them the ideal beach companion. Even if you are damp from the waves, your mat will not absorb that moisture, and it will just roll off and evaporate in time. 

It’s super easy to shake the sand off of yoga mats, so you don’t have to worry about taking sand with you when you leave. It is a cozy beach hack that you need to try.

3. Freeze Drinks Ahead of Time

The beach is bright and gets hot quickly, so it’s crucial to have some cold, refreshing beverages to stay hydrated throughout the day. No one wants to drink from a hot water bottle, especially when you’re out in the sun all day, so avoid that by freezing your drinks beforehand. 

Stick your water bottles, juice pouches, or sodas in the freezer ahead of time so that when you are at the beach, your drinks will stay cold for even longer. On a similar note, pop a bottle of sunscreen in the cooler, too — and live a new life where your kids beg you to reapply their sunscreen. 

4. Freeze a Sponge

Don’t have an ice pack handy, but your kids always seem to stub their toes while climbing on the rock pools? We know that pain. 

Run a fresh kitchen sponge under the faucet, then freeze it overnight to make your own DIY ice pack. That way, you can pack a lunch and ensure that it keeps fresh all day long.

5. Find Shade in a Pop-up Tent

Umbrellas can be tricky, but the shade is a must when you are at the beach. Why not invest in a small pop-up tent to provide that much-needed shade? 

There are plenty of affordable pop-up tent options to choose from. Your family will get so much use out of a beach tent when you need a little reprieve from the sunshine. It is an investment and a beach hack that is well worth your time. 

6. Hide Valuables in Empty Sunscreen Bottles

Unfortunately, pickpocketing and theft are threats in any public space, including the beach, so why not make it harder for potential thieves by hiding your valuables in sunscreen bottles? Leaving your wallet, loose cash, and keys out in the open is a bit risky: Clear out an old sunscreen bottle and put your small important belongings inside it for the duration of your beach trip. 

It is a necessary precaution and a great hack to keep your valuables safe so that you can have fun in the sun.

7. Fitted Sheet Lounge Space

Sand is great, but sometimes you want to relax on the beach without finding sand in every nook and corner of your body and belongings. Use this fitted sheet hack to create the perfect sand-free chill zone:

Simply take a fitted sheet with you and secure it with items at each corner so that it is upright, and voila! You have an excellent lounge space that is (mostly) sand-free for all to enjoy. 

8. Aloe Ice Cubes

We know to wear plenty of sunscreen to hopefully avoid the dreaded post-beach sunburn, but in case you burn anyways, prep in advance by freezing aloe vera into ice cubes. 

Aloe vera is the ultimate sunburn soother, but trust us when we say you will be even more grateful to have frozen aloe ice cubes. The ice will cool your skin while the aloe soothes your burn. Even if you don’t burn, the aloe cubes are still a must: You’ll feel refreshed either way. 

9. Plastic Baggy to Waterproof Phone

Accidents happen. When you are surrounded by an ocean, it’s entirely possible that your phone might succumb to a bit of water damage. Weather can be unpredictable, so you might face an unexpected rainshower on the beach or perhaps spill a drink by mistake. 

Anything can happen, so protect your phone with a simple plastic baggy hack. Whenever you do not have your phone in hand, simply seal it in a plastic sandwich bag and put it away to prevent any water damage. It is easy and effective.

10. Mesh Net To Avoid Sandy Belongings

If you’re the kind of beach-goer who likes to bring plastic toys, buckets, and other water gear, consider packing everything in a net mesh bag so it’s easy to shake the sand off. 

You don’t need to leave a trail of sand in your home or car, and with a mesh bag: Just rinse off your belongings beforehand to remove any residue. It is another simple but effective hack to keep your car clean and make your life easier.

11. Bury Cooler in Sand

Even ice-filled coolers can overheat and melt in the sun, which then leads to spoiled food and hot drinks. Keep your refreshments cool by burying your cooler in the sand. 

As you dig in the sand, you will notice it gets cooler and cooler. Dig a spot just big enough for the base of your cooler, and use the colder ground as insulation. It will protect your food and drinks from the hot sun so that you can keep your things chilled for even longer. 

12. Sunscreen Alarm

Sunscreen is the most important beach necessity, but it is so easy to get carried away, forget to reapply, and then find yourself with a horrible sunburn in the shape of your printed bikini. This can be avoided by one easy hack: set sunscreen alarms.

Before you leave for the beach, set an alarm for every two hours (or every hour if you want to be extra cautious). This way, you can hold yourself accountable and prevent any sun damage. 

13. Bleach Hair Beach Hair

The 90s are so back, which means it is cool to DIY bleach at the beach.

It is a fun trend that will give you a playful, bright streak in your hair for the summer, so why not go for it again? You can go the old-fashioned route and use sun-in on your hair or use lemon juice on the hair. 

The lemon juice will react similarly to bleach and will leave fun highlights on your hair to keep you looking retro and chic. Tie it back in a scrunchie and live that 90s beach movie dream.

14. DIY Beach Emergency Kit

Injuries and accidents happen, so come to the beach prepared just in case by using our DIY beach emergency kit hack.

Use any old container, a plastic baggy, or even an empty tissue box and throw in all the emergency essentials. Be sure to pack extra sunscreen, waterproof bandaids, gauze pads, antiseptic wipes, ibuprofen, tweezers, and any other medical care you might need. This is also a great spot for you to put any personalized emergency items, like an epi-pen or an inhaler. The best thing you can do is come prepared, and a DIY emergency kit is the best hack to ensure your beach trip runs smoothly, even if you hit a bump or two. 

15. Use a Sled To Carry Beach Supplies

We all know the feeling: the dreaded walk from the car to the beach and vice versa. It is the worst part about a beach trip, simply because it can be tricky to lug all of your belongings in the hot sun. Try out our sled hack to make that hassle a thing of the past. 

Grab a plastic sled from home and simply stack all your items, like coolers, beach bags, tents, and towels, and pull your belongings to your spot, as opposed to lifting and carrying all of your heavy belongings. This hack is much easier on the back, and is super convenient. So, say goodbye to multiple trips and hello to easy, one-way journeys. 

16. Collect Sand and Shells for Memory Jars

If you are anything like us, you love to memorialize all of your best experiences in some way. While aesthetic Instagram pics are great, having something physical to remember your trip is also fun. 

We suggest creating a memory jar:

Bring a mason jar with you to the beach and collect some sand and pretty seashells to seal in the jar. It will be a fun craft and will look charming in your home as a decorative piece to remember a fun beach trip by.

17. Arrive Early To Secure a Spot

Finding the perfect spot on the beach can sometimes be a bit of a nightmare. Large parties and massive crowds tend to be littered all over the sand and can make the pickings rather slim.

Our hack to avoid this? Go early. The kids always seem to wake up at 6 AM during the summer anyway!

Arrive early to the beach before all the crowds show up and claim the best spots as their own. The best way to ensure you can have a prime beach spot is to simply beat the crowd to it. Besides, getting there early gives you time to kick back and soak up the sun before the UV gets stronger while the beach is still calm and quiet. 

18. Spray Bottle To Keep Cool

Sunshine is great, but sunshine also makes us sweat. Of course, the ocean is always an option to stay cool, but what about those moments when you want to hang out in the shade, sipping a refreshing beverage, and reading a book? Keep cool by bringing a spray bottle to the beach.

Fill up a spray bottle with cold water, store it in a cooler along with all your drinks, and just whip it out whenever you need to cool down a bit. A quick spritz to the face is all you need, and you will feel cool and comfortable right away. 

19. Wear Flip-Flops

Shoewear at the beach doesn’t have to be complicated. Instead of going barefoot and burning your feet on the hot sand, or wearing sneakers that manage to swallow every grain of sand, simply rock flip-flops. 

They are a beach staple and a necessity when you walk on sand. They slide on and slide off with ease and make the commute from the car to the sand seamless. Plus, you can rinse them off without causing any damage. Of course, the other side of this coin is the excruciating pain when your flip flops break in the parking lot, and the strap rips off, tripping you — now your foot hurts, and you’re down a pair of shoes.

That’s why we made these handcrafted sandals from Brazilian leather. Introducing the cushioned TKEES Liners for a dose of glam combined with a rubber outsole for a reliable grip. 

20. Store Wet Clothes in Old Grocery Bags

When the day comes to an end, and it is time to retire your now-damp Andie swimsuit, use our wet clothes hack. Instead of letting the soaked clothes seep onto other dry belongings, reuse those old grocery store plastic bags that you never use and toss your clothes in there. 

The plastic bag will separate your wet clothes from your dry things. It’s a great way to reuse old plastic bags and prevent leakage. Just be sure to take your clothes out and toss them into the wash your suit when you get home!

Beach Hacks = No Hassle

A beach trip is supposed to be filled with nothing but fun and sunshine. Any or all of the hacks above will change your life and make your future beach adventures easy and hassle-free. Throw on your favorite swimsuit and prepare to have the best beach day ever!


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