It’s summer, and that can only mean one thing: wedding season! We all love a good wedding, but before we can even think about saying “I do” (or watching someone else say it while we sip mimosas), first comes the bachelorette party.

A long-standing tradition that has truly stood the test of time, bachelorette parties have transformed over the years. From simple nights on the town starting in 1922, bachelorette parties have become quite the ordeal (and photo-album-worthy moment).

After all this time, we still don’t think anything compares to the beach bachelorettes. What better way to celebrate than with a sun-soaked long weekend with your best girlfriends?

This does, however, leave us with a dilemma: finding the top swimsuit for the occasion. With so much to choose from, we’re here to guide you through it, especially knowing the epic number of pictures that will be shared all over Instagram and Facebook after the trip. Yep, the perfect suit is an absolute must! 

We’ve got your back! Let’s talk about the best colors, styles, and swimsuits for a super fab bachelorette weekend on the beach or by the pool. 

What Are Some Tips for Picking the Perfect Suit? 

Of course, we have our recommendations for swimsuits we love, but if you’re not even sure where to start, we also have some general tips that might help you to find the suit that’s right for you:

  • Be comfortable: Make sure that the suit you choose is comfortable as well as fashionable. Comfort is key.
  • Use technology: Planning a big bash or even a small chill function can take a lot of time. Just think of all the group chat messages you have sitting in your inbox, still unread. Make it easy and order a few online and try them on at home. Return what you don’t like, or if they all work out, keep ‘em all! 
  • Dress for the occasion: If you’re going surfing, you will want a more athletic cut. If your suit is primarily for lounging by a pool and sipping frozen drinks, you can get away with a suit that has less function and more flash.

Deciding on a bathing suit can and should be fun. So, open up those group chats and send out those texts “What about this suit, ladies” or “Should weeeee?” or maybe whichever emoji seems particularly fitting. Or, if you’re in person, set up a little get-together and host a battle of the swimsuits or a poll or a hype group of support. After all, what are besties for? 

The Five Best Bachelorette Bathing Suits

If you’re here, you’re either looking for a bathing suit as a bride-to-be headed to a bachelorette outing or as a bridesmaid /friend/ family member who will be attending the bachelorette. Either way, we’ve got you covered — and we’re so excited for the big day!

One note: Some of the amazing swimsuits here are from our bridal collection and come in a beautiful, rich, alabaster white. If you are not the bride, and you want to wear a white swimsuit to someone else’s bachelorette party, probably check with them first — in the interest of etiquette. It’s not quite as frowned upon as wearing a white dress to someone else’s wedding, but it’s adjacent. 

1. The Crete One Piece: A Crocheted Classic

We absolutely love the Crete One Piece for its versatility. The beauty of this bathing suit is in the details! The delicate spaghetti straps are surprisingly supportive and weave through the suit to cross the back in a gorgeous low-cut back detail.

Though the suit comes in three colors, we’re partial to the vanilla, especially if you’re the bride-to-be! Bonus? The material is a super sweet crochet lace. It’s sleek, it’s flattering, it’s flirty. It’s everything you want in a one-piece suit. 

Should you pair it with a mini bridal veil? Yes. You absolutely should.

2. The Camilo: For the Sophisticated Bride-To-Be

Part of our new bridal line, the Camilo One Piece bathing suit is the ultimate choice for any bachelorette looking to have a fun and flirty time in the sun! This stylish, sophisticated, flattering swimsuit is designed with an intricate rosette detail on a single shoulder strap. 

The one-shoulder strap design is both comfortable and chic, and most importantly, it screams bridal. This bathing suit somehow walks the fine line between classic and timeless but also modern and fun. It’s basically the Met Gala of swimsuits. 

3. The Milos: A Bright, Bold Classic

This is the suit you are going to want to go with if you are looking to stand out in a crowd! From head to toe, this is a gorgeous choice. It comes in three colors, but our favorite is the bright, bold, and sporty Milos One Piece

It’s a classic solid one-piece, but the details, like the plunging neckline with adorning buttons, make this one special. It’s also made from Recycled Nylon, which Mother Earth would totally high-five you for. Wear it while you swim with sharks or toast your friends by the pool.

4. The Porto: Bridal Bliss

This one’s definitely for the bride! The Porto comes in a luxe white flat fabric, and it is truly stunning. Simply put, if a wedding gown had babies with a classic one-piece swimsuit, this would be the result. 

A deep-V neckline and a detailed rosette waistband make this bathing suit ideal for the bride-to-be at a bachelorette party. Bonus: It can double as a bridal swimsuit to wear on the honeymoon! Seriously, you’re going to love this look! Slip on a pair of matching sandals and a flowy cover-up dress, and everything else on your gift registry will pale in comparison.

5. The Symi: Something Blue

Nothing will beat the cuteness of the Symi Bathing Suit Top. We included this two-piece option because we just love the print. We have multiple suits that come in the same white and blue ditsy bloom print, but we adore the ruching detail on this top.

The straps are adjustable so that you can get the perfect fit every time, and the pull-on design is classic and offers just the right amount of support. We recommend pairing this top with the Symi Bottom, but it can also pair well with our high-waisted bottoms if you want to change it up. You’re basically a tiny bouquet. 

What Is the History of the Bachelorette Party?

You might be wondering how the concept of the bachelorette party came to be. Let’s take a trip down memory lane, back to the time of Ancient Greece. Believe it or not, bachelorette parties date all the way back to this era. 

Ancient Greece

The women of the bride-to-be’s family would gather together to munch on olives and sip wine while preparing the bride for her big day. It was basically a time to bond, share in friendship, give advice, and get all mushy with each other. TBH, that sounds pretty awesome! 

Fast forward a few centuries, and the bachelorette party has taken on a whole new meaning. Women initially didn’t have the wild and crazy parties we picture now when we think of a bachelorette. 

The 1960s and the 1970s

Initially, they would only get a demure and calm bridal shower. In the 1960s and 70s, women started having a second party or an outing, usually in a dimly lit club or bar, with a bride and her best girls knocking back a few cocktails and maybe sharing some naughty stories. 

The 1980s and 1990s

In the 80s and 90s, though, things started to shift. As women continued to gain more freedom and independence (both bodily and financially), they embraced the idea of having elaborate trips and adventures prior to tying the knot. 

Before long, what was once a fun night out turned into anything from a spa weekend to a bungee jumping excursion to a tropical vacation. The bachelorette party became the perfect excuse to live life to the fullest before the fateful wedding day. 

We often associate bachelorette and bachelor parties with drinking to excess, nursing fierce hangovers, and maybe even hiring some adult entertainment. There are so many different options for super fun soirees that don’t need to include those traditional notions. 

A true bachelorette party should represent the bride and her friends, so if you’re in charge of planning, don’t shy away from the path less traveled! 


If you’re headed somewhere warm for your bachelorette party and need a special new swimsuit, these should do the trick! If you’re not totally sure about these ones, be sure to check out all of the suits in our collection, and you’re bound to fall in love with something. Finally, check out our assortment of cover-ups and accessories to top off your bachelorette trip look. Bon voyage! 


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